Monday, 29 September 2014

the truth about beauty blogging

I don't know about you but there seems to be a lot of misconceptions and assumptions about bloggers, in particular the beauty bloggers (of which I am one). Some of these annoy me, some are bizarre and some are in fact true. These are just a few of the common thoughts surrounding beauty bloggers that bore me. 

Not everyone get's paid. Believe it or not, the majority of beauty bloggers blog just because they like it, they enjoy it and they want to share their thoughts. Payment isn't guaranteed, it may come in the future (bonus) but don't go into beauty blogging expecting to earn ££££'s right away. Some people don't monetize their blog and that's fine. Others do and that's totally fine. Some don't know what monetizing their blog even means.. and do you know what? That's fine too! 

It takes time and effort! It's not just a case of snapping a quick pic and uploading it to the internet, there's lots more involved. Trying out a product, seeing how it compares, swatching and providing detailed images as well as actually writing about it on your blog. People might not read your posts right away, you may be talking to yourself at some point and results won't happen overnight - and that's okay. 

People will expect you to work for free. The above point leads me on to this. If you are writing your blog as a job, whether it's full or part time or just the odd bit of income here and there, it's not cool to be expected to work for free - but I can almost garantee that you will experience this at some point. You'll probably receive an email  demanding you share, write 1000 words include 6 links and post about a product/item on your blog/every single social media platform known to man. It's not cool, you don't have to do it and it's okay to say no to what is essentially 'working for free'. 

It's a supportive community. Okay, so it's inevitable that you'll get some bitchy comments or drama whatever category you fall into, but don't let that put you off. On the whole, beauty bloggers support each other and spur one another on to blog. It's not all about the competition, in fact there are regular twitter chats, Facebook groups and real life meet ups etc that encourage bloggers to work together. Take part, it's fun. 

It's not all about the numbers. Of course, seeing your bloglovin follow count or your stats go up is always nice - but not everyone is obsessed by the numbers. The majority blog about beauty because it is a passion, it's fun, it's a creative outlet or it's just a hobby. Don't get obsessed with the digits - blog about what you want to blog about. 

*this list is not exclusive, feel free to add your own gripes/rants/comments below*

Friday, 26 September 2014

Fragrance Friday: Stormflower by Cheryl

cheryl stormflower review

cheryl stormflower review diy brush holder

Okay, so when it comes to celebrity fragrances I'm a bit of a sceptic - although recently I've been enjoying a fair few perfumes created by famous faces. The latest one to my collection has been Storm flower by Cheryl (was Cole, now Fernandez-Versini). First and foremost, how stunningly beautyiful is the bottle? I love the rose gold colour and the flower lid is very marc-jacobs-esque. 

As well as being beautifully presented, Storm Flower has turned into one of my new favourite scents. At first I placed this straight into the category of 'fruity' which isn't actually my favourite, but the scent is actually so much more! It's sweet, feminine and floral with hints of Freesia and Peach Blossom which give it a fresh and vibrant scent along with the mandarin and nectarine which are the fruity notes. It settles in on the skin nicely, the fruitiness subsides and the musky notes of vanilla, white musk and sandalwood (my fave!) come through and give it a bit of warmth and that's what really lingers throughout the day. I have to say, this perfume is so much more than I was expecting from a celebrity fragrance, I feel like a lot of effort went into this beautifully bottled concoction. 

As well as being a lovely fragrance for day and night, the mix of fruity, floral and musk make it pretty universal - both me and my mum LOVE this! Always a good sign if it get's Mum's approval, right? Plus, a little simple DIY for you - the box doubles as a lovely rose gold and purple makeup brush holder, so hold onto that too! 

Storm Flower by Cheryl* is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottle starting from around the £20 mark on sites like Fragrance Direct 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Teen Modelling Guide to Voluminous Lips

No matter how much make-up you choose to use, lipstick is in every teen model’s handbag. Lips are one of the most beautiful features. Vibrant, long lasting lip colour and perfect application are sought by everybody and everybody has their own tricks to create their signature look. Here are some tips on how to keep those lips looking kissable all year round.

Protect your Lips
Lips are prone to getting dry and chapped but you can keep them soft with a moisturising lip balm or treatment. Vaseline is the most easily available product to remedy dry lips on those cold mornings.

Lip skin is very delicate, but you can use a soft children’s toothbrush to remove any dry skin. It is good to apply a little lip balm first though to avoid tearing.

Cold Sores, be gone!
If you are unlucky enough to be prone to cold sores, deal with them before they become a problem. Keep a cold sore cream in your bag so that you’re not caught out on a long day out the house, giving it time to grow into that horrible spot.

In teen modelling, you should check your lipstick in the mirror periodically during the day. If you are a working teen model you’ll probably not have to worry about this as a talent manager will be keeping an eye on your make up but should you need to reapply it yourself, run your finger lightly around to remove any that might find its way to your teeth.

Lip Liner
Pick a colour that looks natural for your skin tone and eye colour and define your lips with a thin line. Even if the lippy itself wears off a little during the way, you’ll retain definition.

Picking the Right Colours
Some lipsticks will make you look old, washed out and drawn whereas others will brighten your complexion. Have fun one afternoon using the testers in a store. Don’t put the testers on your lips though as its unhygienic and you might end up wearing several colours at once. Put some on your finger and hold it by your lips to get an idea of how it will look.

Don’t Pout, Smile

The duck-face has seen its day. A pout is supposed to be sexy but it really only works on movie stars. Smiling is much more kissable and gives a more honest representation on a modelling shoot.

*collaborative post

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

In the buff mineral makeup review

in the buff mineral foundation buttercream review
in the buff mineral foundation buttercream review

I've been wanting to try out the whole mineral foundation thing for a while now, having been a liquid foundation kinda gal for as long as I can remember. Recently I've been trying out a fairly new brand 'In the Buff' who are experts on all things mineral makeup. 

The idea is that mineral makeup enhances the natural skin, rather than simply masking it with a layer of product. By using 100% natural ingredients, In The Buff mineral foundation is available in a wide range of colours, I went for 'buttercream' which is the lightest shade available - perfect for fair skin. I found the shade to be a great match and it blends evenly without creating harsh lines or noticeable foundation. As well as being a soft and natural powder, chemical free and hypoallergenic it also contains spf15 which is a great bonus! 

In terms of coverage - mineral foundations are definitely designed to be on the lighter side of things, but this particular foundation provided plenty of coverage for a day to day look. Of course, you could quite easily build this up to get even more coverage, which is the great thing about powder - you can add more without it looking 'too much'. The mineral foundation by In the Buff can also be used as a concealer and patted onto areas of redness or under the eye circles etc to really even out the skin. 

If you're looking for natural, even skintone then mineral makeup would be worth looking into. I've really enjoyed this lighter, fresher feel to a foundation and for days when I really want to cover everything up (we all get those days, right?) I use my normal foundation and then apply this as a setting powder and it literally makes the skin look flawless. 

The mineral foundation retails for £22.50* which is considerably more than I would usually spend on a foundation, however considering just how little you need per application and the fact that this doubles triples as a foundation, concealer or flawless finishing powder I'd say it was worth it! 

Monday, 22 September 2014

GIVEAWAY: Win a Fabyouless beauty card worth £49.95!

fabyouless giveaway review

If you're anything like me you'll love a beauty bargain! The Fabyouless beauty card is designed for beauty junkies who love getting some of their favourite treatments at a discounted rate, with a garanteed 25% off or a 2 for 1 deal! With 1000s of companies and brands involved, you can find local salons, spas and beauty parlous offering discount for Fabyouless card holders. 

The Fabyouless card is a great way to enjoy treating yourself every so often, without feeling guilty about spending all of your hard earned cash. I'm already eyeing up a local skincare clinic for a facial or a mani-pedi, and I'll get them for 25% too. 

The lovely people over at Fabyouless are offering one of my readers a chance to win their own membership card worth £49.95! You can use this as many times as you want throughout the year, there's no limit to how many times you can save money on beauty treatments. All you need to do is complete the entry form below. 


*card and giveaway prize kindly gifted by Fabyouless 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Salon Sunday: Fudge Urban dry shampoo

fudge urban blogger review dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is literally a lazy girls saviour, it's a necessity if you don't want to wash your hair every single day (which isn't great for your hair anyway) but you still want your hair to feel fresh. Having tried various other dry shampoos before, I decided to pick up this Fudge Urban dry shampoo and give it a go. 

A little more expensive than regular dry shampoos from the likes of Batiste or drugstores own brands, but on par with the likes of tresemme etc it retails for around the £5 - £6 mark depending on where you purchase it. I love the branding of Fudge Urban hair care - it stands out on the shelves and just has that funky salon vibe to it! 

So onto the actual product. Firstly, it smells delicious - a little like coconut, vanilla and all things tropical without being too sweet or artificial. This is the kind of dry shampoo that immediately gives the hair a white effect - however, unlike the slightly cheaper brands I find this blends in easily and really soaks into the hair and isn't noticeable at all - so there's no need to worry about looking ghostly. It lifts the roots to help flat hair, you can brush it through easily and it leaves hair feeling soft and fresh and most importantly soaks up all of those extra oils in the hair. This is definitely something I would repurchase as this 150ml can has lasted me twice as long as my cheaper dry shampoos! 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Benefit They're Real Mascara and Push up liner review

Recently I became a Beauty Product Tester and I've been trying out the highly raved about Benefit They're real mascara along with the new cult beauty favourite push up gel liner from the They're Real line. Having never tried either of these before, I was excited to see if things were really worth the hype. I received this gift duo which includes a full size Mascara and sample sized Liner. So, here's how I got on: 

The liner had me a little worried, it seemed bizarre that I could get a gel liner in a push up, twisty silicone device. The flexible, rubber nib makes it easier to apply as it moves freely with application - I did find it a little trickier than normal at first, this is probably because I usually use a matte black shadow to line rather than an actual liner. Once I'd used it a few times, I really got the hang of it and it's rather easy to navigate and create both thin and thick lines with. I love it for chunkier, cat-flick eyeliner as it's super black, creamy to apply but dries almost instantly - so it never smudges onto the top of your eyelid (I hate that). 

They're Real mascara by benefit is beautifully packaged and has a rubber wand rather than a bristle brush - I personally prefer rubber wands anyway. It has a nifty spiked feature on the end which is great for getting right into the corner lashes and the short spiked wand is great for both bottom and top lashes - although it can get a little messy on the bottom lashes as I find the wand picks up quite a lot of product. It's very black, thickening, lengthening and it holds the curl really well. 

Overall verdict? A thumbs up for both of them. The liner was fantastic and lasted all day without budging - it is a little difficult to remove but nothing too strenuous. Having used this for a week now, I have enjoyed it - I'm curious to see if the product will dry up or anything, so I'll report back on that. The mascara was very nice and again, very long lasting - it didn't budge all day. The only slight gripe I have with it, is that it can make your lashes feel rather crispy if you apply too much - so thin layers are best - but the results are very good! 

If you're looking for lasting power, smudge proof and budge proof eye makeup then definitely give them a whirl. 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Great Tips to Ensure Better Skin this Winter

No matter what sort of skin you have it will be better off if you prepare it for the winter. The drop in temperature, harsh wind and the dryness can cause all sorts of issues for skin, leaving it irritated and dry.

There are other factors at play too. People eat differently during the winter time and many of us enjoy more fat and sugar than we usually eat. This can also cause dullness and create less lively skin.Starting your winter skin regime now will mean better results come the end of the winter and help ensure great skin in the long term. So, let’s take a look at the precautions you should make to your regime?

Skin care regimes need to be altered when summer becomes winter and your warmer weather regime just won’t cut it. Changing your face creams for something more suited to the winter is a big help in this regard and will help replenish moisture in the face and safeguard it against the colder air.

According to a lot of cleansers will clean your face, but many also strip the essential oils too and this can cause all sorts of problems, especially in the winter. Cleansers can age skin if they are not fit for purpose, so make sure that yours is.

A lot of skin issues can be caused by dead skin on the surface and getting rid of these dead skin cells on the surface helps prevent problems with the skin. Look for a scrub that will clear the skin of a lot of the dead skin or even better invest in a Clarisonic – these are fantastic for cleansing skin winter and summer and are a great investment.

UV rays will penetrate the skin in both the summer and the winter and so an SPF is a good option all year round. Use a sun cream with zinc oxide and also wear protective clothing and hats when it’s very warm.

Yes, it’s nice to be clean and we’re not saying you shouldn’t be. However, it’s also worth remembering that hot showers sap the skin of essential oils and the best way to avoid this problem is to take shorter showers. Limit yourself to one or two long showers a week to prevent problems and always moisturise afterwards.

As we’ve mentioned your diet changes in the winter time, so try and eat as well as you can regardless. This means that you need to avoid simple sugars. These cause breakouts in skin and are a primary cause of winter skin problems.

Why not invest in a humidifier for your home. These will help ensure your skin has the moisture it needs to stay supple.

Sugar Scrub
Avoid chapped lips by using a sugar scrub – this can be made quite easily and there are numerous recipes out there. Honey is also a good addition as it will help nourish and heal the lips.

These are just some great tips to ensure your skin stays well and looks great during the colder months of the year.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The £1 purple smokey eye

makeup rumours eyeshadow palette review £1 cheap makeup

makeup rumours eyeshadow palette review £1 cheap makeup

makeup rumours eyeshadow palette review £1 cheap makeup

As you all would have probably seen, I've been loving some items from the brand Makeup Rumours and I'm even giving some away in this giveaway. Makeup Rumours offer a fantastic range of small eyeshadow palettes, mainly quads and 5-pan shadows for £1 each - which seems insanely cheap. I have to say, having paid only £1 I didn't have huge expectations but I've been so pleased with all of the shadows I've tried so far from this brand. My current favourite is this purple quad (shade 2) from their Afterdark collection

This pocket sized, compact quad of eyeshadows features 4 stunning shades of purple to help you create a purple smokey eye or a daytime look. With 1 matte shade and 3 gorgeous shimmers, it has everything you need to create a one palette look. I've used the matte lavender shade as a base colour, the dark plum and the light purple as a lid and crease colour and the lightest shimmer shade as a little bit of a highlight to brighten the eye. I have to say, I'm no makeup pro and I suck at eyeshadow application but I have been enjoying wearing these colours lately. 

If you're in the market for some good quality, low priced eyeshadows that have great pigmentation and a lovely buttery formula then definitely take a look at the £1 quads from Makeup Rumours. 

Don't forget you can win two of these eyeshadow sets along with other makeup goodies in my current giveaway - just click the pink anchor to your right --->  

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

You Beauty box: September unboxing

you beauty discovery box september discount code
It's been a long time since I had a beauty subscription box so I thought it was time I ventured into a new box! I came across this 'You beauty discovery box' which appealed to me as you can choose the samples yourself, plus it's the cheapest beauty box around at £6.95. Each month you can choose two samples to be included in your box, from the selection of shortlisted products. 

I chose the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner samples, although they are for brunettes I knew these would come in handy for my sister who often goes away for weekends and uses these handy travel sized bottles. These are 50ml each and retail for £2 each. The second sample I chose was the MavaDry fast drying nail top coat, which is a 5ml sample size that retails for £6.75. I'm always looking for a good top coat and love fast drying products. 

Additional treats in the box included an unbranded makeup sponge, which is pretty random but very soft and two tea samples from Crabtree & Evelyn. Alongside the two chosen samples and treats was a full size Toni and Guy volume whip which retails for £7.19 and a £25 Hello Fresh voucher. 

The value of the box was over £17, excluding the £25 voucher - which is a pretty good deal for £6.95! I love that you get to choose two samples that will be garanteed to be in your box, a great option if you often find that beauty boxes are full of products you would never use. 

A thumbs up from me for You Beauty! 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Salon Sunday: PHYTO HUILE SOYEUSE smoothing oil

before and after PHYTO HUILE SOYEUSE hair oil

Recently I've been trying out this Huile Soyeuse rich smoothing oil by Phyto haircare, and as you can see it's had impressive results. The rich smoothing oil is designed for thick, dry and unruly hair and if I could sum my hair up in three words - they would be it! My hair is naturally very wavy and thick, and colouring and styling has made it prone to dryness - especially at the ends. 

Phyto rich smoothing oil is a leave in product, that you can distribute through the lengths of the hair to smooth hair, reduce volume and define curls. As you can see, before hand (after sleeping) my hair is rather unruly and the waves all mush into one big mess of  a hairstyle. After applying the oil my waves are so much more defined and smooth - and frizz almost disappears along with those pesky fly away hairs! The results were amazing for me, so if you have a similar hair type I'd definitely recommend checking this out. 

The product itself is fairly lightweight considering it's an oil, so I didn't find it to be too heavy or greasy on the hair. I think this is because of the spray action on the bottle rather than a pump, so you get a spritz of product. I wouldn't apply this directly to hair - I find it much easier to spray onto my hands, warm it up then scrunch my hair with my hands.

This 100ml bottle retails for £26.50 and is available from Selfridges, LookFantastic and premier hair salons. It's a little on the pricey side but I know this will last an awfully long time as each application barely makes a dent in the bottle.  

Thursday, 11 September 2014

2 True Pro : Prime and Perfect - Benefit Porefessional Dupe

2 true pro prime and perfect  benefit dupe
2 true pro prime and perfect

2 true, like many other brands now have a 'pro' line which basically involves products being a little more expensive and professional if you will. The 2 true Pro prime and perfect primer is still only £5 even as part of this pro line and I had quite high hopes after reading the claims! 

The prime and perfect claims to be a 6 in 1 primer that "Smoothes and evens out skintone.Clarifies, brightens, hydrates, mattifies & protects". So with all that in mind I was excited to try it. Housed in this no fuss, small and compact tube it felt rather light and empty inside - but the product was there and on first reaction it immediately reminded me of benefit the porefessional primer. 

The lightweight formula is very similar to the benefit version in that it is silicone based, beige in colour, feels velvety smooth to apply and blends in effortlessly. There isn't any coverage in this, but I didn't expect there to be - however it does seem to mask pores quite nicely - allowing makeup to blend in easier on the skin. 

One thing I did notice is rather unfortunate, and that is that the product seperated! I'm not sure whether this was because it was rather hot at the time but the primer seemed to seperate into an oily residue. However - this did only happen once and every other time I've used it I have shaken it before hand and it's come out of the tube perfectly. Has anyone else had this issue? 

Overall it is a great primer, it works well at the job. I like the product, I don't love it as much as the benefit version but it is certainly a lovely budget friendly alternative if you'd rather spend £5 than £20+. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Miners Cosmetics Tin O Tint Strawberry

miners tin o tint strawberry review

Miners tin o tint strawberry review

You all probably know by now, I love me some Miners Cosmetics - they are definitely a great budget friendly brand worth checking out. Their Tin O Tints are one of my favourite items, they offer a balmy moisturising consistency but also a lovely pop of colour for your lips - making them great for everyday. 

Miners have recently released a new Strawberry scent to their Tin O 'Tint range and I love it! It has the same lovely balmy consistency as others in the line, without being too sticky and it gives a soft pinky/red tint to the lips - kinda like a your lips but better effect. 

The Tin O 'Tints retail for £2.99 and they are available at miners cosmetics online or various chemists in the UK! I think these would make perfect little stocking stuffers - there's me thinking about Christmas again. Is anyone else feeling the Christmas vibe yet?! No...? Just me? 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Seascape island apothecary sea salt scrub

seascape seasalt body scrub review

Seascape island apothecary have recently introduced the sea salt body scrub as the newest member of the uplift range, and I've been using it for the past few weeks. I have to say, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the brand image as a whole is lovely - definitely something that would catch my eye on the shelves and make a lovely gift. The sea salt body scrub is housed in a solid glass jar with a cute pastel green daisy pattern which I just love - I know you shouldn't love products for their packaging, but this is just so lovely! 

Anyway, onto the product itself - which contains lavender and beeswax which help to soften the skin and the scent of eucaplyptus oil for a refreshing and uplifting scent. I honestly, didn't notice the lavender and I am not a huge fan of lavender at all - so this is a bonus for me. It smells very 'spa' like and refreshing. This 175ml tub retails at £16 - however a little of this product goes a long way, you only need a small amount applied onto damp skin to give your body an invigorating scrub. By gentle rubbing the seasalt scrub in circular motions and rinsing you are left with silky smooths skin that feels uplifted and fresh - just like the product suggests. 

For me this is definitely an added bit of luxury in the bath and I love the scent so much! Now that I've tried this scrub, I'm intrigued to try other products in the uplift range. 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Current beauty favourites : August

Okay, so I know it's September now and 8 days have already passed but it's time to take a look at some of my current beauty favourites that I've enjoyed in the past month. I've actually been trying a few new things and some of them I've really enjoyed. I've been very frugal this month and really been picky when choosing my favourites, so it's a rather small collection - but a loved one all the same! 

wet n wild essence uk favourites

First up is my faithful Loreal Telescopic clean definition mascara, which is my holy grail mascara and I repurchase it all the time. I thought I'd include it this month as I haven't actually reviewed it on my blog at all but it's definitely a staple for me! It has a plastic, spiked comb that really grips the lashes and makes them long and fluttery - it's amazing for length and curl so if you're looking for those then check it out! 

Essence have recently been made available in my local Wilkinsons (YAY!) so I couldn't help myself and picked up this Stay Natural concealer in soft beige. It's lightweight, creamy and hydrating but it works well at covering redness and dark circles. I've never really branched out into the whole clicky concealer/highlight things before - but I really do like this one - and it's very affordable! On my eyelids I've been using my NYX eye primer pot which is awesome. I reviewed it in a post here, but it's essentially a white, solid primer that makes colours really cling to your eye and last all day. Because it's white in colour, eyeshadows really stand out and shades are even light, pale shades are enhanced. 

I've been obsessed with my new bronzer from Makeup Rumours in the shade blush which is a warm toned bronzer with the tiniest bit of shimmer in it. I think this is just brilliant at adding some colour back into the skin once you've blurred everything out with foundation. Makeup Rumours are a new brand to me, and if you want to try them out too then be sure to enter my giveaway to win some Makeup Rumours goodies (click here)

Finally, I've been really enjoying my Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette, which is perfect for neutral eye shadow-a-holics. Aren't we all? I love that this palette has a mix of soft neutrals and a few deeper shades that make excellent smokey eyes. My usual favourites are the two lightest shades and the green shades which is surprising for me! 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Makeup changes: My everyday Makeup

For some reason, I found myself browsing through my old blog posts today and decided to see what I posted a year ago today. Turns out it was all about my everyday makeup and makeup storage and I thought it would be quite interesting to see how things have changed, if I still used certain products or if I fell out of love with them completely. So here it goes! 

2013 saw a lot of drugstore lovin' and I really should pick up a bourjois healthy mix concealer again soon, I loved that stuff. The majority of the other face products have changed other than my Mac MSF in soft and gentle which I still reach for regularly and my Mac studio fix concealer (nw15) that I still love! I haven't repurchased either of the foundations I was using; revlon nearly naked and MUA undress your skin - they have been replaced by my bourjois CC cream and Max factor foundation. 

This time last year I was all about the peach blushes, this year I am loving Pinks with two of my current favourites being deep throat by nars and electric pink by Estee Lauder. My old favourite of rimmel stay matte has been well and truly replaced and I haven't purchased it in a very long time - I thought that would always be my favourite, but I actually prefer several other powders over that one now! 

I don't reach for my mac lipsticks as often now, although I do still like the shades - I tend to use a different lipstick/balm almost daily so I'm in less of a rut when it comes to colours - I have embraced berries and reds! My mascara holy grail is still loreal telescopic clean definition - and I don't see that changing anytime soon - it's seriously good stuff. 

I'd say my makeup tastes have changed somewhat over the past year, I have become quite the fan of Nars blushes and I've been loving deeper and bolder lip colours. It's quite interesting to look back at last year and see which products stood the test of time - that really confirms that they are indeed favourites! 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Fragrance Friday: A Cheaper way to enjoy Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

I mentioned in a previous Fragrance Friday that I kinda love these deodarant versions of popular (and expensive) fragrances. An all time favourite is the Coco Mademoiselle scent by Chanel - a classic, floral and refreshing scent that is just divine. 

Of course, I don't actually use this as a deodarant - spraying a £29.50 Chanel product under my arms would be a disastrous waste of money. Instead I use it as I would any other perfume, on the neck, wrists and a general all over spritz. It essentially behaves like a lighter version of the Coco Mademoiselle EDP - so a great option if you find the original scent a little too heavy and strong or if you just want a more affordable way to enjoy Chanel perfume. 

This 100ml bottle is ideal for throwing in a handbag, it's durable, lightweight and is a great refreshing spritz throughout the day. You can pretty much find this version anywhere that stocks the EDP version, such as boots and online fragrance stores. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Revlon Parfumerie fresh linen nail polish

revlon parfumerie fresh linen review

I recently spotted this Revlon nail polish in my local poundland which is part of the Parfumerie collection - which I hadn't tried before and really didn't understand how nail polish could actually be scented. I love the design of the bottle, it looks rather lovely on display. Fresh Linen is a pearlescent white shade that is a great choice for when you need a subtle colour to just enhance your nails rather than mask them. 

I have to say I was dubious of the whole scented nail polish thing - and on first whiff it really smelled just like any other nail polish, maybe a little lighter. However, once applied to the nails and it starts drying it actually does smell like fresh linen - how bizarre is that? The nails smelled like fresh washing and the scent was strongest when the nails were drying. Once dry completely, you could still smell the fresh linen scent - it wasn't overpoweringly strong but if was definitely there and it was still scented (gently) a few days later! 

The colour is actually rather lovely and a great everyday colour if you need something subtle for work/school etc. The staying time was rather impressive and it only experience minor chips about 4 - 5 days in! I think these retail for around £6.50 in boots - so it's definitely worth checking out your local pound store if you want to snap up a quick bargain! 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

real techniques powder brush review

pixiwoo powder brush real techniques review

Real Techiques are probably the most popular makeup brush brand around thanks to the Pixiwoo sisters - and I already own a few brushes from their line that I use all the time. My favourites are the buffing brush ans the contour brush which are two brush staples for my makeup routine. Whilst browsing online I decided to purchase the powder brush from the Real Techniques range which retails for around £12.99 depending on where you purchase it - they are on offer quite regularly in boots! 

It's much larger than I expected and is a really chunky, dense brush that is extremely soft and fluffy. It's quite possibly the softest face brush I've felt and it feels gorgeous on the skin. As far as being a powder brush, it does the job perfectly - it picks up just the right amount of product without needing to swirl around the pan 5 times. I find my powder seems to last forever when I use this brush as it doesn't get overloaded with product, even when I use quite a soft powder. 

It's a bit of a pain to put in a makeup bag, or a handbag so it's not the kind of brush you'll be carrying around with you - but if you are looking for a good powder brush (can also double up as a bronzer brush too) then it's definitely worth checking out. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pure and Pose Siberian Mink Eye Lashes: Belle of the Ball Review

pure & pose lashes review
pure & pose lashes belle review
pure & pose lashes review belle of the ball

Pure & Pose lashes are 100% natural Siberian mink eyelashes available in a variety of designs ranging from subtle, natural lashes to full on and fabulous lashes. The lovely people over at Pure & Pose kindly sent me a pair of the lashes to try; mine were 'belle of the ball' which are full, thick and princess like making them perfect for occasions like weddings, proms and parties. 

Now, as some what of an eyelashes noob I was quite excited to try these full on lashes as the only other pairs I've tried have been quite wispy and natural. Belle of the Ball lashes are thicker and longer on the outer lashes which helps to give a cat-eye effect and the lashes are full and thick with plenty of length all the way around. They feel incredibly soft and natural unlike a lot of the synthetic lashes available. 

I found them quite easy to apply, although they felt pretty long against my eye if that makes sense. I imagine they are far easier to apply if you're more experienced with lashes - but I really liked the look of them on, they would be lovely for special occasions when you want to go all out with your makeup. Because they are made from 100% natural siberian mink, you aren't supposed to apply mascara once you've applied the lashes - so the second time I tried them (bottom picture) I found it a little harder to make them look blended but the first time was absolutely fine - again, I think this is down to not being an eyelash pro! They were easy to remove and felt surprisingly light to wear - I was expecting my eyelids to feel weighed down but they really didn't. 

They retail at £19.99 a pair, they come beautifully presented in a box to keep them safe and with all the instructions and care tips you need to make them last up to 25 uses. They don't come with glue, so make sure you have your own eyelash adhesive on hand too. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Top 10 Budget Makeup worth buying under £5

top 10 makeup under £5 review
top 10 under £5 budget beauty products

Miners Maxi Mascara Volumising £3.49 (reviewed here available at miners/chemists)
There's really not much in the way of good budget friendly mascaras, I find most good volumising mascaras are around the £7 mark so this Maxi Volumising mascara from Miners is a winner at £3.49! It has a good sized brush that is curved which grips the lashes well and has a really black formula that adds volume without making the lashes clumpy. 

Natural collection single shadow 'Willow' £1.99 (available at boots)
Okay, so how many of us actually enjoy purchasing single eyehshadows? It's so much easier to purchase them in a palette but when I saw this beautiful shade for £1.99 I couldn't resist. Willow is a soft, glistening taupe shade that is perfect for a one shadow look using all over the lid. It reminds me of shades from the Naked 2 palette such as Verve and is also quite similar to a few mac shades too!

Elf studio baked blush 'Pinktastic' £3.95 (via

These baked blushes are the perfect blush/highlight combo which look so lovely on the skin. This pinktastic shade is very similar to high end highlighters and blushes like the infamous soft and gentle by mac and also the Mary Lou-minizer by The Balm (see Lauren's post here). This is shimmery in a subtle way without making your face look like a disco ball and a universal shade that will work for most skin tones - plus it's a lot cheaper than the high end alternatives!

Natural Collection Cover up cream concealer £1.99 (available at boots)
This is something new I've been trying out recently and I've really enjoyed using it. The shade selection isn't brilliant but I find 'fair' to be a good shade for me and I wear ivory foundations. It's lightweight and creamy making it easy to blend and it's great for brightening the under eye area and concealing any redness. An absolute steal for £1.99! 

Collection work the colour eyeshadow pencils £3.19 (available at boots/Superdrug
These make applying eyeshadow so easy, it takes around 2.5 seconds. I love this white, highlight shade called 'vanilla sky' and I also love the shade 'vintage blush' which is a shimmering pink. They last all day long, they are blendable and they don't crease and there's a pretty good selection of shades to suit day and night makeup! 

Twist up concealer 99p (available on ebay
This little gem was less than £1 from ebay and works a treat at concealing any blue tones, veins or blemishes. It comes in a handy stick format which doesn't drag the skin and blends nicely to create an even base for makeup. I did a full review of this including before and after images if you'd like to read it! 

Collection shimmer shades 'way to glow' £4.19 (available at boots/Superdrug
This quad style highlight/bronzer/blush hybrid is a great all rounder for adding some colour to your face. It features a warm and cool toned bronzer making it great for various skintones and the peach blush shade is gorgeous. I also make great use out of the pearl highlight shade which is great for highlighting cheeks and brows! It's compact and also works well with one giant swirl of your makeup brush for a quick sweep of colour. 

Miners Matte Factor lip paint 'Peach' £3.99 (available at miners & local chemist)
Another great budget friendly beauty product from Miners Cosmetics are these matte factor lip paints. There are quite a few brands that offer these, I just personally love the shade selection in Miners! This is the shade peach which is the perfect bright, coral pink and I also love cappuccino which is slightly paler and more towards the nude side. These last a decent length of time and are incredibly pigmented, plus they smell like vanilla too! 

W7 Brow Bar kit £4 (reviewed here and available online
There's not a great deal of brow kits available for less than £5, so this was a great find. It features 4 shadows designed for the brows including a cool brown, a warm brown and a black which makes it great for a range of shades. As well as this you get a handy highlight shade that is lovely for under the brow and the inner corner of your eye. The shadows are soft and buttery and very pigmented but they don't give you harsh looking bold brows - instead they enhance your normal brows and fine tune them. 

Primark Matte Lipstick £1 (Primark, obviously!
This beautiful matte pink lipstick costs one whole british pound and is absolutely brilliant. It's packed full of colour, it's smooth and buttery to apply but also gives a matte finish that doesn't dry the lips or bleed out. It has packaging that looks far more luxurious than the price tag and a soft vanilla scent similar to mac lipsticks. Definitely worth picking up next time you're at Primark!