Thursday, 11 September 2014

2 True Pro : Prime and Perfect - Benefit Porefessional Dupe

2 true pro prime and perfect  benefit dupe
2 true pro prime and perfect

2 true, like many other brands now have a 'pro' line which basically involves products being a little more expensive and professional if you will. The 2 true Pro prime and perfect primer is still only £5 even as part of this pro line and I had quite high hopes after reading the claims! 

The prime and perfect claims to be a 6 in 1 primer that "Smoothes and evens out skintone.Clarifies, brightens, hydrates, mattifies & protects". So with all that in mind I was excited to try it. Housed in this no fuss, small and compact tube it felt rather light and empty inside - but the product was there and on first reaction it immediately reminded me of benefit the porefessional primer. 

The lightweight formula is very similar to the benefit version in that it is silicone based, beige in colour, feels velvety smooth to apply and blends in effortlessly. There isn't any coverage in this, but I didn't expect there to be - however it does seem to mask pores quite nicely - allowing makeup to blend in easier on the skin. 

One thing I did notice is rather unfortunate, and that is that the product seperated! I'm not sure whether this was because it was rather hot at the time but the primer seemed to seperate into an oily residue. However - this did only happen once and every other time I've used it I have shaken it before hand and it's come out of the tube perfectly. Has anyone else had this issue? 

Overall it is a great primer, it works well at the job. I like the product, I don't love it as much as the benefit version but it is certainly a lovely budget friendly alternative if you'd rather spend £5 than £20+. 

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