Friday, 19 September 2014

Benefit They're Real Mascara and Push up liner review

Recently I became a Beauty Product Tester and I've been trying out the highly raved about Benefit They're real mascara along with the new cult beauty favourite push up gel liner from the They're Real line. Having never tried either of these before, I was excited to see if things were really worth the hype. I received this gift duo which includes a full size Mascara and sample sized Liner. So, here's how I got on: 

The liner had me a little worried, it seemed bizarre that I could get a gel liner in a push up, twisty silicone device. The flexible, rubber nib makes it easier to apply as it moves freely with application - I did find it a little trickier than normal at first, this is probably because I usually use a matte black shadow to line rather than an actual liner. Once I'd used it a few times, I really got the hang of it and it's rather easy to navigate and create both thin and thick lines with. I love it for chunkier, cat-flick eyeliner as it's super black, creamy to apply but dries almost instantly - so it never smudges onto the top of your eyelid (I hate that). 

They're Real mascara by benefit is beautifully packaged and has a rubber wand rather than a bristle brush - I personally prefer rubber wands anyway. It has a nifty spiked feature on the end which is great for getting right into the corner lashes and the short spiked wand is great for both bottom and top lashes - although it can get a little messy on the bottom lashes as I find the wand picks up quite a lot of product. It's very black, thickening, lengthening and it holds the curl really well. 

Overall verdict? A thumbs up for both of them. The liner was fantastic and lasted all day without budging - it is a little difficult to remove but nothing too strenuous. Having used this for a week now, I have enjoyed it - I'm curious to see if the product will dry up or anything, so I'll report back on that. The mascara was very nice and again, very long lasting - it didn't budge all day. The only slight gripe I have with it, is that it can make your lashes feel rather crispy if you apply too much - so thin layers are best - but the results are very good! 

If you're looking for lasting power, smudge proof and budge proof eye makeup then definitely give them a whirl. 

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