Monday, 8 September 2014

Current beauty favourites : August

Okay, so I know it's September now and 8 days have already passed but it's time to take a look at some of my current beauty favourites that I've enjoyed in the past month. I've actually been trying a few new things and some of them I've really enjoyed. I've been very frugal this month and really been picky when choosing my favourites, so it's a rather small collection - but a loved one all the same! 

wet n wild essence uk favourites

First up is my faithful Loreal Telescopic clean definition mascara, which is my holy grail mascara and I repurchase it all the time. I thought I'd include it this month as I haven't actually reviewed it on my blog at all but it's definitely a staple for me! It has a plastic, spiked comb that really grips the lashes and makes them long and fluttery - it's amazing for length and curl so if you're looking for those then check it out! 

Essence have recently been made available in my local Wilkinsons (YAY!) so I couldn't help myself and picked up this Stay Natural concealer in soft beige. It's lightweight, creamy and hydrating but it works well at covering redness and dark circles. I've never really branched out into the whole clicky concealer/highlight things before - but I really do like this one - and it's very affordable! On my eyelids I've been using my NYX eye primer pot which is awesome. I reviewed it in a post here, but it's essentially a white, solid primer that makes colours really cling to your eye and last all day. Because it's white in colour, eyeshadows really stand out and shades are even light, pale shades are enhanced. 

I've been obsessed with my new bronzer from Makeup Rumours in the shade blush which is a warm toned bronzer with the tiniest bit of shimmer in it. I think this is just brilliant at adding some colour back into the skin once you've blurred everything out with foundation. Makeup Rumours are a new brand to me, and if you want to try them out too then be sure to enter my giveaway to win some Makeup Rumours goodies (click here)

Finally, I've been really enjoying my Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette, which is perfect for neutral eye shadow-a-holics. Aren't we all? I love that this palette has a mix of soft neutrals and a few deeper shades that make excellent smokey eyes. My usual favourites are the two lightest shades and the green shades which is surprising for me! 

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