Friday, 26 September 2014

Fragrance Friday: Stormflower by Cheryl

cheryl stormflower review

cheryl stormflower review diy brush holder

Okay, so when it comes to celebrity fragrances I'm a bit of a sceptic - although recently I've been enjoying a fair few perfumes created by famous faces. The latest one to my collection has been Storm flower by Cheryl (was Cole, now Fernandez-Versini). First and foremost, how stunningly beautyiful is the bottle? I love the rose gold colour and the flower lid is very marc-jacobs-esque. 

As well as being beautifully presented, Storm Flower has turned into one of my new favourite scents. At first I placed this straight into the category of 'fruity' which isn't actually my favourite, but the scent is actually so much more! It's sweet, feminine and floral with hints of Freesia and Peach Blossom which give it a fresh and vibrant scent along with the mandarin and nectarine which are the fruity notes. It settles in on the skin nicely, the fruitiness subsides and the musky notes of vanilla, white musk and sandalwood (my fave!) come through and give it a bit of warmth and that's what really lingers throughout the day. I have to say, this perfume is so much more than I was expecting from a celebrity fragrance, I feel like a lot of effort went into this beautifully bottled concoction. 

As well as being a lovely fragrance for day and night, the mix of fruity, floral and musk make it pretty universal - both me and my mum LOVE this! Always a good sign if it get's Mum's approval, right? Plus, a little simple DIY for you - the box doubles as a lovely rose gold and purple makeup brush holder, so hold onto that too! 

Storm Flower by Cheryl* is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottle starting from around the £20 mark on sites like Fragrance Direct 

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