Saturday, 6 September 2014

Makeup changes: My everyday Makeup

For some reason, I found myself browsing through my old blog posts today and decided to see what I posted a year ago today. Turns out it was all about my everyday makeup and makeup storage and I thought it would be quite interesting to see how things have changed, if I still used certain products or if I fell out of love with them completely. So here it goes! 

2013 saw a lot of drugstore lovin' and I really should pick up a bourjois healthy mix concealer again soon, I loved that stuff. The majority of the other face products have changed other than my Mac MSF in soft and gentle which I still reach for regularly and my Mac studio fix concealer (nw15) that I still love! I haven't repurchased either of the foundations I was using; revlon nearly naked and MUA undress your skin - they have been replaced by my bourjois CC cream and Max factor foundation. 

This time last year I was all about the peach blushes, this year I am loving Pinks with two of my current favourites being deep throat by nars and electric pink by Estee Lauder. My old favourite of rimmel stay matte has been well and truly replaced and I haven't purchased it in a very long time - I thought that would always be my favourite, but I actually prefer several other powders over that one now! 

I don't reach for my mac lipsticks as often now, although I do still like the shades - I tend to use a different lipstick/balm almost daily so I'm in less of a rut when it comes to colours - I have embraced berries and reds! My mascara holy grail is still loreal telescopic clean definition - and I don't see that changing anytime soon - it's seriously good stuff. 

I'd say my makeup tastes have changed somewhat over the past year, I have become quite the fan of Nars blushes and I've been loving deeper and bolder lip colours. It's quite interesting to look back at last year and see which products stood the test of time - that really confirms that they are indeed favourites! 

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