Thursday, 4 September 2014

Revlon Parfumerie fresh linen nail polish

revlon parfumerie fresh linen review

I recently spotted this Revlon nail polish in my local poundland which is part of the Parfumerie collection - which I hadn't tried before and really didn't understand how nail polish could actually be scented. I love the design of the bottle, it looks rather lovely on display. Fresh Linen is a pearlescent white shade that is a great choice for when you need a subtle colour to just enhance your nails rather than mask them. 

I have to say I was dubious of the whole scented nail polish thing - and on first whiff it really smelled just like any other nail polish, maybe a little lighter. However, once applied to the nails and it starts drying it actually does smell like fresh linen - how bizarre is that? The nails smelled like fresh washing and the scent was strongest when the nails were drying. Once dry completely, you could still smell the fresh linen scent - it wasn't overpoweringly strong but if was definitely there and it was still scented (gently) a few days later! 

The colour is actually rather lovely and a great everyday colour if you need something subtle for work/school etc. The staying time was rather impressive and it only experience minor chips about 4 - 5 days in! I think these retail for around £6.50 in boots - so it's definitely worth checking out your local pound store if you want to snap up a quick bargain! 

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