Thursday, 25 September 2014

Teen Modelling Guide to Voluminous Lips

No matter how much make-up you choose to use, lipstick is in every teen model’s handbag. Lips are one of the most beautiful features. Vibrant, long lasting lip colour and perfect application are sought by everybody and everybody has their own tricks to create their signature look. Here are some tips on how to keep those lips looking kissable all year round.

Protect your Lips
Lips are prone to getting dry and chapped but you can keep them soft with a moisturising lip balm or treatment. Vaseline is the most easily available product to remedy dry lips on those cold mornings.

Lip skin is very delicate, but you can use a soft children’s toothbrush to remove any dry skin. It is good to apply a little lip balm first though to avoid tearing.

Cold Sores, be gone!
If you are unlucky enough to be prone to cold sores, deal with them before they become a problem. Keep a cold sore cream in your bag so that you’re not caught out on a long day out the house, giving it time to grow into that horrible spot.

In teen modelling, you should check your lipstick in the mirror periodically during the day. If you are a working teen model you’ll probably not have to worry about this as a talent manager will be keeping an eye on your make up but should you need to reapply it yourself, run your finger lightly around to remove any that might find its way to your teeth.

Lip Liner
Pick a colour that looks natural for your skin tone and eye colour and define your lips with a thin line. Even if the lippy itself wears off a little during the way, you’ll retain definition.

Picking the Right Colours
Some lipsticks will make you look old, washed out and drawn whereas others will brighten your complexion. Have fun one afternoon using the testers in a store. Don’t put the testers on your lips though as its unhygienic and you might end up wearing several colours at once. Put some on your finger and hold it by your lips to get an idea of how it will look.

Don’t Pout, Smile

The duck-face has seen its day. A pout is supposed to be sexy but it really only works on movie stars. Smiling is much more kissable and gives a more honest representation on a modelling shoot.

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