Monday, 29 September 2014

the truth about beauty blogging

I don't know about you but there seems to be a lot of misconceptions and assumptions about bloggers, in particular the beauty bloggers (of which I am one). Some of these annoy me, some are bizarre and some are in fact true. These are just a few of the common thoughts surrounding beauty bloggers that bore me. 

Not everyone get's paid. Believe it or not, the majority of beauty bloggers blog just because they like it, they enjoy it and they want to share their thoughts. Payment isn't guaranteed, it may come in the future (bonus) but don't go into beauty blogging expecting to earn ££££'s right away. Some people don't monetize their blog and that's fine. Others do and that's totally fine. Some don't know what monetizing their blog even means.. and do you know what? That's fine too! 

It takes time and effort! It's not just a case of snapping a quick pic and uploading it to the internet, there's lots more involved. Trying out a product, seeing how it compares, swatching and providing detailed images as well as actually writing about it on your blog. People might not read your posts right away, you may be talking to yourself at some point and results won't happen overnight - and that's okay. 

People will expect you to work for free. The above point leads me on to this. If you are writing your blog as a job, whether it's full or part time or just the odd bit of income here and there, it's not cool to be expected to work for free - but I can almost garantee that you will experience this at some point. You'll probably receive an email  demanding you share, write 1000 words include 6 links and post about a product/item on your blog/every single social media platform known to man. It's not cool, you don't have to do it and it's okay to say no to what is essentially 'working for free'. 

It's a supportive community. Okay, so it's inevitable that you'll get some bitchy comments or drama whatever category you fall into, but don't let that put you off. On the whole, beauty bloggers support each other and spur one another on to blog. It's not all about the competition, in fact there are regular twitter chats, Facebook groups and real life meet ups etc that encourage bloggers to work together. Take part, it's fun. 

It's not all about the numbers. Of course, seeing your bloglovin follow count or your stats go up is always nice - but not everyone is obsessed by the numbers. The majority blog about beauty because it is a passion, it's fun, it's a creative outlet or it's just a hobby. Don't get obsessed with the digits - blog about what you want to blog about. 

*this list is not exclusive, feel free to add your own gripes/rants/comments below*

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