Tuesday, 28 October 2014

5 ways to motivate yourself NOW


It's almost scary to think that there are a little over 2 months left in 2014 and before we know it we will be celebrating the New Year. Of course, this means the obligatory making of New Year’s resolutions so that we are armed with motivation and determination for January. Let's be honest; once January disappears so does our motivation - so why wait? Why do we have to wait until December 31st to make a resolution? Surely we can do that at any time of the year - even today! 

So, before 2014 is behind us, let's get motivated. Why not try and achieve some things from your 'to do' list, or change something, introduce something, enjoy something? We don't have to wait for the New Year in fact there are plenty of things we can achieve between now and then if we just take a moment to get motivated. 

Declutter - if you want to make your room/house/life clutter free then start now. That way, by the time January rolls around you'll be on your way. Even making small changes can build up to a big change so it's never too soon to start decluttering. 

Habits - we all have bad habits, so whether we want to cut out fast food, stop biting our nails or change from smoking to vaping or spending less money on clothes, you can kick the habit now instead of later. If it's something you really want to change, there's no need to wait until January. 

Organisation - start introducing more organisation now, lists are your friend and getting organised before the festive season is a great way to make it less stressful. 

Time - if like many you struggle with managing your time and fitting everything into your day then work out where your time is being wasted. Whether it's spending too much time on social media or not spending enough time planning events - sit down and track your time. You'll be surprised how much more time you can gain. 

Fun - it's far too easy to get bogged down with life, and if you're not having fun it's about time to introduce it. If your usual New Year’s resolution usually involves wanting to do more, see more, experience more then get out and do it now. Arrange something fun before January!  

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