Friday, 10 October 2014

Fragrance Friday : Current Wishlist

fragrance direct perfume review wishlist
When it comes to perfume, I definitely a fragrance fiend who enjoys collecting lots of different perfumes so I constantly have a choice of which one I want to wear. I thought I'd throw together a quick wishlist of all of the fragrances that I've found myself lusting after lately - thanks to those little samplers in magazines and parcels. All of these fragrances are currently available from Fragrance Direct (and other places) - that's just always my go to place for finding good perfume prices and everything on one site (no affiliation, I promise). 

I've wanted to try Stella by Stella McCartney for a while now, I love the bottle and it's just one of those classic, everyday scents that is beautiful. Dolce and Gabbana 'The One' is my all time favouriter perfume, it's a little on the pricey side so I haven't repurchased it but this is seriously a 'me' kind of scent whilst Thierry Mugler 'Womanity' is something different to my typical perfumes. 

YSL is definitely a popular perfume choice and their most recent addition of 'black opium' smells amazing and is on my wishlist for that reason alone, whilst Manifesto by YSL has been on my radar for quite some time - but again, it can be pricey. Finally is a Crystal Noir by Versace which is definitely a scent that doesn't get talked about much but it is intense, beautiful and just so luxurious. 

What fragrances are on your wishlist? 

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