Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Home Design: Wallpaper

Is it just me or can you spend hours upon hours browsing through pinterest boards around the home? I love all things home and decor inspired, so I often find myself looking at different layouts, designs and themes to create a perfect room (in my mind of course). 

When it comes to decorating, there are many options from paint to wallpaper and even feature walls or frame walls. I quite like the idea of wallpaper, it means you can pick and choose which areas to decorate, it's easy to do and easy to change if you enjoy switching your room around and playing with colours regularly. If wallpaper is your thing then sites such as Go Wallpaper, who are online specialists in decorating and offer high quality, luxurious wallpaper and wall coverings are the perfect place to go to help create the perfect space in your home. Buy looking at wallpaper and home decor online, you'll be able to have a much wider selection of colours, prints and style and you'll also be able to see what they look like in a room - which is something you don't get to see in store. 

I think my perfect room would be fairly plain and simple in terms of decor and colours, but I would like a room with a feature wall that really stands out to really make it a clean, fresh and contemporary environment. I love the idea of bold patterns, pops of colour and different texture effects for a feature wall, these can really finish off an entire room and make it look homely. I always imagine my dream living room or kitchen and how I would decorate them and I love the idea of having bold and modern prints mixed with simple decor and cool shades of paint. 

It's also interesting to note that wallpaper is a practical option for some people redecorating as you can actually choose wallpapers that will improve your home in terms of thermal efficiency, sound proofing and even damp problems - so that's an added bonus. Stylish and practical! 

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