Monday, 20 October 2014

Makeup collection downsizing: Unii Palette review

unii palette review
unii palette review

Makeup palettes are a bit of a weakness .. alongside blushes, brushes, lipsticks or anything makeup related. Just me? The only thing is that palettes often take up a lot of room, or I sometimes only find myself using particular shades from each palette. With smaller and more affordable palettes like those from Sleek or MUA I don't mind discarding the shadows I don't use or damaging the packaging - but I definitely wouldn't risk depotting my urban decay palettes - plus they are pretty compact anyway. 

The Unii palette means that you can create your own custom palette full of your favourite shades. I decided to depot some of my favourite colours from my MUA and Sleek palettes and also the odd single shadows - which often get forgotten about. The unii palette is very sturdy and really substantial in comaprison to the packaging of standard palettes. It's worth noting that some shadow pans are not magnetic - but the unii palette also comes with a sheet of magnetic strip which you simply cut to fit. Of course, I couldn't resist testing the magnets by holding the palette upside down and they didn't budge - always a good thing. 

The Unii Palette retails for £15 and you can find it at Beauty Crowd. I love the huge mirror and this makes it so much more effective in terms of using shadows you like and saving space! 

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