Sunday, 26 October 2014

Salon Sunday: Lush Solid shampoo and conditioner

lush solid shampoo and conditioner review seanik jungle

Who knew solid shampoo and conditioner was a 'thing'? Last year I tried a solid shampoo from Lush for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by it, so I decided to try out the conditioner too. Seanik solid shampoo and The Jungle conditioner are great options if you are looking for a cost friendly alternative to bottled shampoo and conditioner and they are ideal for travelling too. 

Seanik shampoo bar (£5.75) is a repurchase I have made as I really like it. It is quite clarifying and really helps at removing product build up and leaving hair fresh and clean. It lathers up really well in the hair, which you don't really expect from a solid bar of shampoo. I find it easiest to rub a little in my hands first and massage into wet hair or use the bar directly on wet hair - both lather well. The relatively small bar of shampoo lasts a good 3-6 months or even longer depending on how often you wash your hair - so it definitely saves money in the long run. 

Jungle conditioner (£3.50) is a little bit different. This doesn't lather at all (on my hair) and it unfortunately doesn't meed my hair needs as I have quite dry hair and much prefer deep, nourishing conditioners. Jungle is a perfectly fine product, but this is something that I feel would work far better on oily/greasy/fine hair types as opposed to thick, dry hair. Again, this product will last far longer than a bottled conditioner. 

Have you tried the solid shampoo 'thing'? 

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