Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tiger Haul

tiger haul

Okay, so you guys know I love Tiger - so of course, on my recent trip to the opening of the Cwmbran store (see here) I couldn't resist picking up some goodies. If you're the type of person who loves buying little nik-naks, home bits and random stationary then Tiger can prove to be a dangerous place - a good one, but a dangerous one. Luckily, almost everything is under £5 which is amazing! So here's what I got: 

Owl Tea light holder (£3), I thought this would make the perfect gift for Christmas and he is so cute. A Peach & Mandarin hand soap (£2) which smells delicious and also came in a variety of scents and some Halloween foam stickers (£1) for my niece and nephew enjoy along with the tiniest notebook I could find (50p) just because I couldn't resist. I also picked up two 2 post cards (£1 for 2) just because they were funky and 3 decorative tapes (£2) which come in handy for journalling and being creative in a lazy way. For myself I also spotted this Copper/Rose gold tea light holder (£2) which gives a lovely speckled light effect and a Composition notebook (£2) because I am literally obsessed with notebooks right now. 

As you can see, everything was 100% necessary and I have no shopping problems. 

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