Sunday, 30 November 2014

Avon glimmerstick eyeliners

avon glimmerstick review
avon glimmerstick review
avon glimmerstick review
Avon glimmersticks are definitely one of those beauty products that I would always recommend. I use their brow versions for my eyebrows and swear by them and their eyeliners now come in an even bigger shade range. If you're looking for an affordable version of popular eyeliners such as the urban decay 24/7 liners or the stila twist up liners then look this way. Glimmersticks are twist up eye pencils that are blendable, extremely pigmented and long wearing. The small, precision like nib allows you to get a good amount of control for some kick-ass liner too. 

For the classic black cat eye or winged liner 'blackest black' is the perfect option, it's a true black that dries quickly making it almost smudge proof and lasts throughout the day. For the highlight fiends among us 'pearly' is the perfect inner corner highlight to brighten the eyes. For the more adventerous blues and greens are another great option and again, highly pigmented and beautiful shades. The twist up nib means you won't need a sharpener and the best bit is that Avon Glimmerstick liners retail for only £6 each, and they're regularly on offer too! 

Saturday, 29 November 2014

How to get rid of spots: myths and methods put to the test


Whoever invented spots really should own up right now, I mean - they are quite possibly the suckiest thing ever. It's pretty normal for your skin to get some blemishes now and then, but having a breakout or a massive spot on the middle of your face is never a good look - especially before an event or photo day. Yep, you know how it goes. It's photo day at school and BAM Mr.Spot-Creator gives you a prized pimple in the middle of your forehead. There are so many magic treatments or at home tricks to get rid of spots so here are just a few I've tried and tested. 

Toothpaste? This one crops up a lot, it doesn't get rid of spots and if you have an active spot you're going to regret putting mint flavoured paste on it - OUCH - however it does leave your face smelling minty fresh!

Perfume? Don't do it. It will sting. It won't help and you will scream. 

Sudocrem? You know that nappy rash cream, yep - it actually works. Okay so it's not a miracle worker, but it does reduce redness and help calm it down a bit. 

Spot creams? Yes and No. Find one that has salicylic acid in and you're probably going to get a decent result in reducing the size/redness of a spot. However, there are a lot of gimmick spot creams that really don't perform. It's a case of trial and error. I'd personally recommend the clean and clear fast acting spot gel - works a treat. 

Spot patches? One of the newest products on the market are Dream Dots (readily available in Ireland, you can order to UK). Definitely a good shout for those big red spots that can be quite painful, it will reduce them over night. But the spot won't completely disappear.

Ice? A strange trick that actually helps. Wrapping ice in a towel or tissue and holding it on the spot and repeating throughout the day apparantly helps to remove excess oils and dirt yada-yada. It basically helps it reduce in size and redness, I don't know how but it kinda works. 

Leave it alone? Whilst this is probably a good bit of advice, if you have a bulging pimple in the middle of your face the day before you've got a big event - you're probably not going to want to leave it alone. 

Water? Drinking lots and lots of water can help hydrate the skin and reduce the amount of blemishes for some people, so it's always worth a shot - however, not a quick fix. 

And so it comes down to the nitty gritty, there is no quick fix that will 100% remove a spot from your face. We all have to deal with it. Try some different methods and products, find one that helps to a certain extent and for the remainder rely on either a) good concealer b) bags of confidence c) a little of both! 

Have you tried any of these weird and wonderful methods? 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Christmas Collection

bomb cosmetics christmas gifts review
One thing I love about this time of year is the amount of Christmas related goodies that are released, whether it's food related, beauty related or classic Christmas scents. Bomb Cosmetics quite possibly have the cutest range of Christmas themed bath bombs, soaps and gifts that I've seen this year as far as bath products are concerned. I love the little gingerbread man cupcake bath mallow and the classic Christmas pud bath bomb 'cool tide'. 

The bath mallows are perfect for a pampering bath as they contain essential oils and gently fizz into the water leaving your skin nice and soft afterwards. For the bubble fans out there a bath blaster is perfect. Cool-tide is a classic Christmas pudding themed product with yummy scents like ginger and cinnamon.. they smell good enough to eat and I don't even like Christmas pudding!

Gingerbread cupcake bath mallow £2.24 
Cooltide bath blaster £2.29 

I think these would make the perfect little stocking fillers or secret santa gifts, who doesn't love a cute, pamper product that smells amazing? 

*PR sample, all views my own as always :) 

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Giveaway: Win an Iconemisis iPhone case

Sometimes I wish I had an iPhone purely for the selection of beautiful cases and covers available. Whilst I sit here wishing I had one, the lovely people over at Iconemisis have offered one of my blog readers a chance to win an iPhone case of their choice from their website 

Iconemisis is a British brand specialising in stocking design focused iPhone cases from a range of artists and designers. The range of cases for all models of iPhones include cases from artists such as Fifi Lapin, Lily X, Sarah King, Cat Sims and more. Above are just a few of my favourites, I love the simplicity in each design and I love the black and white cases as well as the super cute bunny girls of Fifi Lapin designs! 

For a chance to win a case of your choice from Iconemisis all you need to do is follow the instructions below & keep your fingers crossed. 

UK entrants only 
This giveaway ends on 10th Dec 2014 
For iPhone 6 cases delivery may take a while longer 
Winner may choose their favourite case from the current collections 
If under 16, please ask parents permission as you will need to provide a postal address 
Winner will be chosen at random & notified via email 
For additional entries completed, please ensure you leave the relevant information on the form 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

20 beauty blog post ideas to beat writers block


It's no fun having a writer's block, so here are some great beauty blog post ideas if you're currently looking for inspiration. Maybe you want to try writing something new or you're just plain old stuck for ideas - I hope you find this useful: 
  1. Beauty products NOT worth the hype - found a product that you thought you'd like but didn't? Share it on your blog - people love seeing honest reviews even if you didn't rate the product.
  2. Top 5 under £10  - find you top five beauty products for under £10, everyone loves discovering a bargain beauty product WORTH buying. 
  3. TAG! There are so many tags floating around, maybe the lipstick product tag or a seasonal tag could help inject some personality into your blog. 
  4. Current makeup - kinda like a 'FOTD' post, letting everyone know the items you can't stop reaching for. 
  5. Savvy Tips - found a beauty hack or savvy shopping tip? Share it with your readers, after all ... sharing is caring! share one of your best beauty tips with your readers
  6. The Makeup Collection - just because we are all nosy deep down. 
  7. Blogger faves - we often talk about our fave products but why not share a list of your fave blogs and suggest some great reads for others. 
  8. Ramble - it's okay to have a ramble every now and then, talk about your life, what you've been up to are have a rant. It's good to know the blogger behind the blog
  9. A season themed post - with Christmas approaching, maybe you could share a festive favourite, a recipe or even a gift guide. 
  10. A wishlist - this doesn't involve spending any money but you (and your readers) still get the buzz of browsing through the latest items in your shopping basket (virtual basket of course). 
  11. Budget friendly alternatives - everyone loves a good dupe, if you know a budget alternative  to a high end product why not share it with the world?
  12. Nails - a great 'filler' post if you're feeling uninspired, snap a pic and let people know what you're currently wearing on your nails. 
  13. Skincare staples - share your favourite skincare staples and talk about your routine.
  14. Storage spaces - another 'nosy' post that everybody enjoys - perhaps you could include some storage ideas and space saving tips for beauty lovers?
  15. DIY posts - whether it's a home made lip balm, a body scrub or something else - share it!
  16. Shopping Hauls - share your purchases, give your initial thoughts or just let people know what's out there in the shops at the moment. 
  17. Tutorials - you don't have to be a professional, maybe you could create a look for a certain event like a Christmas party or if you're really good at eyeliner, share it! 
  18. What's in my makeup bag/bag  - share the contents of your current makeup bag or handbag, warts 'n' all. Another nosy style post. 
  19. Revisit Reviews - you don't have to review only brand new products, why not review one of your old favourites - maybe your opinions have changed?
  20. Beauty must haves - share your holy grail beauty items with your readers, think stranded on an island only allowed to take 5 items! 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Christmas Tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Lauren of Makeup By Lauren Marie to take part in the Christmas Tag! Of course, I accepted as I am quite possibly the most festive person ever - I love Christmas and I'm one of those annoying people who start their shopping in October and don't shutup about it until the big day. On with the tag ... 

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
Definitely The Grinch, it's been my fave for the last few years along with A Christmas Carol which is a classic but a good'un. A few of my other faves are Home alone 2, Miracle of 34th St, Arthur Christmas & one magic Christmas. 

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
We usually have a visit from Santa on Christmas eve who delivers our pyjamas and we open the rest as a family on Christmas morning, and I open presents from my Dad on Christmas evening so it lasts all day long! 

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I don't really have a specific Christmas memory, but the whole Christmas period is memorable each year! Every year someone does something silly or there's some kind of accident like when my mum dropped a pickled onion in her glass of coke or last year when my brother fell into a humongous gift bag. 

4. Favourite festive food?
Everything! Festive food is the best, although I'm not into all the puddings like mince pies and Christmas pud but I could eat turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings everyday of the year. 

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
Ever? I really don't know! I remember one year getting a huge white tiger stuffed animal that was as big as me and screaming with delight, so that's gotta be up there in my top 5 presents ever received! I much prefer shopping for others and seeing them open their presents than opening my own! 

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
The smell of the turkey cooking on Christmas morning, or the smell of mince pies in the oven - I don't eat them but they smell amazing! 

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
I love Christmas eve. When I was younger the tradition was to go to town with my dad and sister and do the last minute Christmas shopping. Now we have a big meal and get together on Christmas eve! My stepdad is Norwegian, so traditionally his christmas is celebrated on christmas eve, so we all sit down together and have some special food (there's 10 of us now) and a few drinks. Then we move onto the sofa and wait for Santa to arrive, no really, a man in a santa suit comes to deliver all of our pyjamas. Then before bed we watch 'dinner for one' every year and still find it funny. If you haven't seen it you can find it on youtube (link) and then my little brother and big sister all have a sleepover in my room and wait for Santa! 

8. What tops your tree?
It used to be an angel with a pencil up her bum, now it's a star/snowflake. 

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I always asked for a pretend slot machine - not really a wild request but Santa didn't get the memo! 

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
I love the build up to Christmas; listening to Christmas music and wrapping presents, having the Christmas channel on 24/7, buying the radio times Christmas special and highlighting what we want to watch. I love Christmas eve and our family traditions and I love rushing down the stairs with my little brother in the morning! Seeing people open their gifts and enjoying good food and quality family time is the best! 

I tag: 
Gemma from Fat Frocks
Lisa from Lisahh-Jayne 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Cutesy Crochet: Handmade Christmas Decor

Today I thought I'd add to the festive December blog posts with some gorgeous handmade items this Christmas. Cutesy Crochet and Crafts is a small independent online shop that creates the most beautiful and cute pieces of crochet for the home including so many wonderful Christmas pieces that are just perfect for making your house look as festive as possible. Plus, I always think it's so nice to buy something handmade at Christmas time and support small businesses. 

My personal favourites are the cute little robins that make perfect tree decorations or can be hung up on any door handle or even on your wall. Decorating the tree is definitely one of my favourite parts of Christmas, even though it's always stressful untangling those bloody fairylights .. just me? I think bunting is always a nice choice for home decor, especially these snowflake buntings which are so nice for Christmas. My favourites are the classic red and white festive bunting and of course, the blue frozen themed bunting that sparkles. 

All of these items can be purchased from Cutesy Crochet & Crafts website, and they are 100% handmade with love right here in Wales. I can fully vouch for that, seeing as though Cutesy Crochet & Crafts is owned by none other than my Mum! It would be so lovely if you payed her a visit on twitter @CutesyCrochet1 or popped by the website. Let me know what your favourite item is in the comments below. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

MyChelle Skincare & discount code

my chelle skincare review serum cleanser oily combination
Attention fellow oily/combo skin gals (and guys), I've finally found a serum that doesn't make my skin an oily mess. MyChelle skincare's oily/blemish control range offer a clear skin serum designed to calm the skin, balance the natural oils and keep pores purifies as well as helping your skin to stay nourished. The small 30ml bottle houses a clear serum that is lightweight yet nourishing and gives an instant cooling and soothing effect. The clear skin serum does have a fairly strong scent but one that is natural and herbal, so it isn't over powering - although it isn't my favourite scent. Despite only being a 30ml bottle, you only need 2 pumps per application - so this will last a relatively long period of time. The serum retails for £24.50, which is definitely at the higher end of skincare price tags but if serums are your thing then it's all relative isn't it? 

The Fruit Enzyme Cleanser belongs to the combination/all skin types range and this smells amazing. It's like an amazing concoction of citrus zests, orange and sweetness all put together to form a gel like cleanser that really refreshens the skin. The fruit enzyme cleanser is exfoliating and sulphate free, so it removes all the build up on your skin without adding in any of the bad stuff. To use this, you simply apply a coin sized amount and use with warm water, although I find I always use a little more as a coin size doesn't always feel like it's enough. Once you rinse away, you can feel your skin is fresh and clean but you don't get the stripped, tight feeling that many cleansers give. My only concern is that this is a relatively small bottle at just 61ml of product for the £8.50 price tag. 

Overall, I've really enjoyed introducing these two products into my skincare, my favourite being the clear skin serum. You can find MyChelle skincare on their own website and also on FeelUnique. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Derma Oil Skin Repair review

derma oil; review

Although typically used for stretch marks, body oils like Derma Oil can be used for a range of skin issues from scarring, uneven skin tone and of course stretch marks. The odds are, that each of us has at least one of those three things, I know I do and I'm not afraid to admit it. Of course, you don't have to do anything about any of those things, it is perfectly a-okay to have flaws. But, if you are self conscious or would just like to improve the appearance of scars or stretch marks then oils are definitely one of the cheapest and easiest options out there. 

Derma Oil retails for around the £10 mark on sites such as Chemist Direct, which is considerably cheaper to the popular 'Bio Oil' which is £20 for a 200ml bottle. As well as being a great product for things such as stretch marks and scars, Derma oil contains Collageneer which helps with anti-ageing, along with providing intense moisture for the skin. Despite being an oil, using sparingly this product is suitable for all skin types including oily/combination skin types - but it's definitely one you'll want to use at night time.. Other uses for Derma Oil include acne, uneven skin tone, stretch marks, sun damage and even hand, nail and cuticle treatments. Talk about a multi-use product. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lets Go Lashes

On the odd occassion I try out some false eyelashes, I definitely prefer the natural look rather than a full on false lash effect. The lashes I've tried most recently are the 'Let's go Lashes' from Nouveau Beauty. These are strip lashes which make them very easy to apply, so they are ideal for beginners or those who just find applying eyelashes difficult! Lets Go Lashes are available in 4 styles; flirt (above), tease, temptress and heartbreaker - so a great choice range depending on if you prefer natural, flirty lashes or full on bold and beautiful lashes. They're also made from 100% real hair, so they are incredibly soft and feel very natural when you wear them unlike some synthetic lashes, plus they are re-usable! 

The 'flirt' lashes were definitely my favourite style, they have just enough to make your lashes have that 'wow' factor without being too over the top and unnatural. So, if you're looking for natural styles of false lashes that just give you the extra curl and volume then I'd recommend the flirt style. 

You can see the full range of lashes at Nouvea Beauty

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The C Word

Christmas. I seriously love this time of year, it's my favourite. I love the cold and dark evenings, I love the bare trees and leaves everywhere and I love the constant excuse to drink hot chocolate. The Christmas movie channel is constantly on and the Christmas film collection is all that the dvd player sees. I know it's kinda early to be so festive and a lot of people moan it's too early for Christmas, it's only November, it's not even December. I don't care! 

Last weekend I indulged in a festive afternoon tea which you can read about in this post and a lovely (and very cold) day out at the park on Sunday with my sister and little brother who is not so little anymore. We strolled around the lake, duck-watched, drank tea and hot chocolate from paper cups and wrapped up warm. 

I've pretty much finished with my Christmas shopping already, so no I won't get that festive Christmas rush in the shops and frantic gift buying experience that so many people love. Instead I'll get the whole of December to spend time with family and friends, watch Christmas movies, bake Christmas related things and enjoy the festive period without the stress of gift buying. Did I mention I've also started wrapping presents too? This was mainly a practical choice as people have a habit of coming into my room and scanning my entire room with their eyes looking for things. The perks of living at home (love you really, mum). 

I kinda get the feeling that I like being organised, which is probably why I'm way ahead on my blog schedule too - I've already finished up some gift guides and Christmas themed posts for you all to enjoy over the coming weeks and hopefully a Christmas competition for you too. I really do love this time of year. 

Do you enjoy Christmas? What's your favourite thing about it? 

Fun fact - the C word (Christmas) appeared 12 times in this post. Ha! 

Monday, 17 November 2014

The Navy Blue eyeliner trend

blue eyeliner miners cosmetics liquid pencil

blue eyeliner trend

I can't say I'm one for following trends, especially when it comes to beauty where I tend to stick to the same old same old kinda products that I know I love. However, one trend I've currently been enjoying that is a bit 'out of my comfort zone' is the blue/navy eyeliner look. I know it sounds a little bizarre at first, but navy is just enough to inject a little colour without straying too far from the typical black/brown eyeliner colour palette - and an easy way to switch things up a little. 

A few of my favourite products for creating the whole navy trend are the liquid and kohl pencils from Miners Cosmetics* which are definitely budget friendly. At the higher end of the scale I really like the Eyeko liquid liner in navy blue for a thick, cat-eye style or I use the shades 'creep' and 'gunmetal' from the original Urban Decay Naked palette. 

Have you embraced the navy eyeliner trend? 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Celtic Manor

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport for a festive themed afternoon tea. Unlike most venues that serve afternoon tea, The Celtic Manor offer seasonal afternoon teas and change them to suit each season. Needless to say, the festive edition is full of classic Christmas flavours with modern twists, creative presentation and amazing attention to detail. 

I joined a small group of bloggers to spend an afternoon learning more about the hotel, it's new blog and of course - the new Christmas afternoon tea which launches this Christmas. We were greeted with festive decor, Christmas music (love a bit of Buble) and of course, champagne and mulled wine - which was hands down the best mulled wine I have ever tasted. Plus it came in a clear teapot with a cute tea cosy too - which of course, we all had to take photographs of. 

The festive afternoon tea was packed full of amazing and delicious food, a selection of teas and coffee, shared between two. The afternoon tea was of course, presented beautifully with three delightful layers of savoury and sweet goodies to tuck into.  Finger sandwiches included the classic turkey and cranberry Christmas sandwich and cucumber with lemon and mint creme fraiche to name a few. Three classic christmas puddings with a little twist included a Celtic Manor mince pie, which coincedently was the first mine pie I have ever eaten and actually enjoyed as well as whiskey and marmalade bara brith (welsh cake) and a delightful white chocolate christmas pudding truffle. Is your mouth watering yet? 

Finally, three beautifully presented cakes and treats included a pistachio marzipan cone (amazing), glace cherry and apricot florentine (also amazing) and a toasted sweet chesnut bouche noel. Luckily if you can't quite fit all of this deliciousness in one sitting, you can take it home with you in a little box and enjoy it later in the day - which is exactly what I did. This was all part of my plan as the final installment was a delicious, warm and crumbly candied orange and gingerbread scone with clotted cream and strawberry preserve! 

With beautiful surroundings, a fantastic central location and three tiers of delicious festive treats, I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the Festive Afternoon Tea at The Celtic Manor. I am now officially in the Christmas spirit. 

Friday, 14 November 2014

Avon anew age-transforming foundation review

avon anew foundation review on face

Here's an fun fact for you, the first liquid foundation I ever used was from the Anew (anti ageing) range at Avon. I wore some of my mums foundation for my year 11 end of school prom and before this I was strictly a cream to powder kinda gal. Now, 7 years later I decided to give this foundation another whirl. I'm sure the formula has changed, but I do enjoy Avon foundations - my favourite is the ideal flawless foundation (review here). The Anew Age-transforming foundation is designed to disguise imperfections, smooth the look of fine lines and even skin tone and whilst I didn't purchase it for the anti-aging qualities as such, having read other reviews this seems to be a popular choice for the more mature skin thanks to the active ingredients of collagen and elastin. The foundation also contains SP15, which is always a good addition to your makeup routine as even in winter, our skin is exposed to sun damage. 

As usual I opted for the fairest shade; Ivory and it is a little darker than my normal foundations - but nothing to severe. In terms of coverage I'd put this in the light - medium category, it's lightweight, natural but can be built up for your desired coverage. It has a satin type finish, nothing too dewy but certainly not matte, so if you have oily/combo skin a powder will come in handy but for those who enjoy a less-full coverage foundation but still need or want imperfections disguised I'd say this would be a fantastic choice. One thing to note is that it has quite a strong scent to it, a little like fake tan - which is quite strange and it can irritate the eye area for me, sometimes. If you've experienced the same I would love to know. 

Anew age-transforming foundation retails for £15, a little more than your average drugstore foundation but it's worth noting that it frequently goes into offers for £8-10 a bottle. You can purchase this foundation online at Avon

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Just my luck?

At times I have considered myself to be a Lucky person, I've dabbled in online competitions with varying success and even tried my hand at Bingo at Paddy Power and other online games where I've won a handy bit of cash! There's a huge online community of lucky people, who enter competitions daily, discover the latest gaming sites and get lucky. 

Last year I had a streak of good luck, from winning £100 on a bingo site to winning small competitions via social media that soon added up to hundreds of pounds worth of prizes. It's also surprising that through competition sites, social media etc it's possible to turn your luck into new friends and develop great relationships with brands. In fact, after winning a one small competition last year I am now in regular contact with the brand and the PR. 

I personally don't think there is any talent in winning competitions or games like bingo, it really does come down to luck. If you don't play the game how could you possibly win? The age old phrase of you gotta be in it to win it has never been more true. There are so many competitions out there - why not enter a few? A lot of people see the competition but don't take the time to enter, and you never know luck could be on your side. The same goes for game sites and bingo sites, I was always cautious that they were never going to pay out but they actually do - I've had a great experience with them and if you're feeling lucky ... why not try?! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Movember girls

You may recall last month's blog post about shopping to support breast cancer awareness month. November is of course more commonly known now as 'Movember' a whole month dedicating to raising awareness of men's health. So, I thought it was only write to share it here on my blog. Of course, Movember involves the guys sporting a tache or a beard in support of this cause but there's absolutely no reason why us gals can't donate! Plus, you can also support the cause by purchasing merchandise from the Movember store or selected items in stores that offer percentages of the sale to Movember. Not to mention all the moustache themed gifts that make for the perfect selfie - like this moustache pencil topper from Wilkinsons! 

So, if you know someone taking part in Movember then why not sponsor them, and if you don't know anyone taking part you can still make a general donation on their official website (link). 

Monday, 10 November 2014

QV Skincare : A Dry Skin Saviour

QV skincare review cream lotion

As I'm sure you're aware if you've been reading my blog for quite some time now; I have oily/combo skin. So, you may wonder why exactly I am about to tell you about skincare products designed specifically for dry skin types. Although oily, my skin is dry in areas and the rest of my body (i.e arms, legs) is prone to dry patches - elbows, I'm talking about you. 

QV Skincare is actually an Australian skincare brand, although fully available to buy online in the UK, aimed at the management of dry skin conditions such as eczema. The colder months that are now in full swing can be pretty harsh on our skin and dry skin and conditions such as eczema are more prevalent at this time of the year. 

The 'Skin Lotion' is a light weight, moisturising formula that can be used as an all over body lotion to help keep dry skin at bay. You can apply this as often as you like, but I find it effective to apply after a bath or shower. It doesn't leave a residue on the skin so it's great for day or night use and it can also double up as a makeup removing lotion - which is fantastic. This 250ml bottle is £6.06 - so it's certainly an affordable skin care product. 

The Cream formula is a rich and concentrated version, aimed at areas that need extra hydration like the elbows and knees - which works at soothing the area and injecting some much needed moisture and nourishment back into the skin. This 100g tube is a steal at £4.04 (bizarre prices) and this will last you such a long time as you really don't need to apply a huge amount to each area - making this considerably cheaper than many of the more traditional, highstreet skincare brands that do the same job. 

So, if you are of the 'dry skintype' category then consider QV skincare as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brands on the highstreet. If you're an oily/combo kinda gal then don't forget about the other areas of your skin that need hydrating, or opt for the lighter formula skin lotion as opposed to the cream formula. 

*PR sample, all views my own as always :) 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Eye of Horus Scarab Sapphire Eye Pencil

eye of horus eye pencil review

Apparantly, when it comes to eyeliner indigo is the new black. I have to say, I've been embracing the navy blues lately and I think it makes a lovely change from the standard black liner. I enjoy using my eyeko liquid liner in navy blue for a thick liner and pencils for a more everyday liner. Eye of Horus is a new brand to me and I have to say, I'm loving the whole brand image and packaging - that's definitely a nice feature. 

The sleek and luxurious packaging is the first positive thing, but most importantly it's about the actual product inside. The Scarab Sapphire Goddess Eye Pencil (long name) is a beautiful, deep, rich blue shade - perfect for creating a smokey eye or just adding some eyeliner to your look. This double ended pencil also features a smudger, and because the liner itself is very smooth - it's actually easy to blend and smudge out into more of an eyeshadow - which is fab, I do love a good multi-use product! 

The liner has a satin finish, so it isn't completely matte but I like that is has no large shimmer in it as this for me just doesn't work when it comes to eyeliner - so another positive there! It's very pigmented and smooth to apply, it doesn't drag the eyelid which I also like and doesn't irritate if used on the waterline - it also doesn't budge, which is fantastic considering it's waterproof claim. Overall - a thumbs up from me! 

The Eye of Horus Scarab Sapphire Goddess Eye Pencil retails for £17.50 and is available from 

*PR sample, all views my own as always :) 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

Vichy-Dermablend-Fixateur poudre* (setting powder

When I think of Vichy I always imagine flawless skin, perfectly concealed areas and an even complexion. So, when I first saw this Vichy Dermablend Fixateur poudre* (setting powder us non-french folk) I had very high hopes. Unlike other setting powders I use, the Vichy Dermablend is a white loose powder that can be gently patted into the skin using the super soft puff provided. 

Vichy Dermablend setting powder boasts a whopping 16hours of holding and enhancing your makeup, and whilst I cannot vouch for 16 hours I can certainly say that this product helps to keep your makeup in place, prevent oil build up throughout the day and keep your makeup looking 'together'. It's also worth noting that this powder contains SPF30 - so bare this in mind if you're likely to go somewhere with flash photography! The powder doesn't affect the shade of your foundation, yet it provides a smoothing, translucent layer which almost blurs out your foundation to give a naturally flawless effect - yet it still feels lightweight. 

In terms of application it's pretty simple, tip a little out of the container into the lid (saves any mess) and just use the puff provided to gently tap onto the skin. You could also use a large fluffy powder brush and gently brush the skin with powder, but you really don't need too much at all. The powder retails for around £17 but is currently available from Escentual for £11! 

*PR sample, all views my own as always :) 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Cameliha Hair Accessories

Cameliha printed hair ties

Cameliha printed hair ties

When it comes to hair I'm definitely a plain Jane, I like minimal effort, nothing too time consuming and I hate having my hair in my face so I often have it up in a ponytail or bun. I'm forever losing hair ties and usually go for a bog standard pack of cheap black hair ties, but these Cameliha printed hair ties might just change that. Unlike regular hair ties these are more solid and can even be worn as bracelets - so there's no excuse for losing them. 

I love the wide range of prints available, my favourite is definitely the cute fox design! Because they are wider and thicker than most bobbles, these printed hair ties won't damage the hair around the pony tail and you won't find your hair getting caught in any metal clips. Most hair types will probably find that these printed ties will cause less of a kink in your hair after you take them out too which is another bonus point. I also think these make lovely little gifts too, they are beautifully presented and packaged and would be ideal little stocking fillers or birthday gifts. 

You can find a selection of these printed ties, plus some other pretty cool hair accessories like bows and bands over on and the majority of the items are handmade, which I love!  

*gifted item, all views are my own as always :) 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Essence Hello Autumn Collection

essence hello autumn

essence hello autumn collection

Essence is definitely one of those brands that I love trying new things from, especially because they've launched in the UK this year. My lovely friend Lauren from Makeup By Lauren Marie kindly picked me up a few pieces from the 'Hello Autumn' collection by Essence, which I haven't actually seen in my local UK Essence stand in Wilkos yet - hopefully we'll get them here because the collection is beautiful and I've spotted a couple more things in the collection which look like they are worth trying out! 

The multicoloured powder 'Autumn in the City' is a gorgeous mix of soft bronze, illuminating powder, deep bronze and a golden peach that swirls together to make such a lovely colour. This reminds me of my all time favourite highlighting powder which is Mac's MSF in soft and gentle - only Autumn in the City is far more subtle in terms of shimmer content - instead it provides a lovely, natural and healthy looking glow to the skin. Let's be honest, we could all do with some added glow in the Autumn and Winter weather, couldn't we? 

The eyeshadow palette in 'Walk in the Park' (how cute are the names in this collection?!) contains 6 neutral based golds and browns that are perfect if you are a neutral eyeshadow fan. You've got your highlighting shade, two soft golden/peach shades, two slightly deeper bronze/copper shades and a smokey bronze colour - so everything you need to create a neutral but lovely eyeshadow look. I love the quality of Essence eyeshadows, they are buttery and pigmented - very similar to the likes of the naked palettes in terms of formula!  

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Younique Moodstruck 3D fiber Mascara

younique mascara review
younique 3d mascara blog review

younique 3d fiber mascara before after

If you haven't heard about the newest mascara craze then you've probably been hiding under the surface of a rock. The newest 'cult beauty fave' mascara is from Younique and it's their Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara that claims to give you intense, longer and thicker lashes in a matter of seconds. I was so excited to finally try this out, having seen so many people rave about it - and it certainly didn't disappoint. 

The mascara comes housed in this beautiful, black quilted hard case that you could definited upcycle into some kind of glasses case if you wanted to. Inside are two tubes, one 'moodstruck transplanting gel' and one moodstruck natural fibers. The application is a little more tedious than you're average mascara but the results are amazing as you can see above, my lashes looked longer than ever, separated, black and thicker giving them that almost false lash effect but still natural. 

The first step is to apply a thin coat of your normal mascara, before adding one coat of the transplant gel (working on one eye at a time). After that you need to add the fibers and finish with another coat of the transplant gel. The mascara lasts all day long and the fibers are well and truly locked into the lashes - without your lashes feeling heavy or crispy. I was so surprised how natural and soft my lashes felt and the mascara is easy to remove without having to scrub your eyes. A definite thumbs up from me - so if you haven't tried it and you're curious, give it a go! 

You can buy Younique Moodstruck 3d fiber mascara online (link

*PR sample, all views my own as always :)