Wednesday, 26 November 2014

20 beauty blog post ideas to beat writers block


It's no fun having a writer's block, so here are some great beauty blog post ideas if you're currently looking for inspiration. Maybe you want to try writing something new or you're just plain old stuck for ideas - I hope you find this useful: 
  1. Beauty products NOT worth the hype - found a product that you thought you'd like but didn't? Share it on your blog - people love seeing honest reviews even if you didn't rate the product.
  2. Top 5 under £10  - find you top five beauty products for under £10, everyone loves discovering a bargain beauty product WORTH buying. 
  3. TAG! There are so many tags floating around, maybe the lipstick product tag or a seasonal tag could help inject some personality into your blog. 
  4. Current makeup - kinda like a 'FOTD' post, letting everyone know the items you can't stop reaching for. 
  5. Savvy Tips - found a beauty hack or savvy shopping tip? Share it with your readers, after all ... sharing is caring! share one of your best beauty tips with your readers
  6. The Makeup Collection - just because we are all nosy deep down. 
  7. Blogger faves - we often talk about our fave products but why not share a list of your fave blogs and suggest some great reads for others. 
  8. Ramble - it's okay to have a ramble every now and then, talk about your life, what you've been up to are have a rant. It's good to know the blogger behind the blog
  9. A season themed post - with Christmas approaching, maybe you could share a festive favourite, a recipe or even a gift guide. 
  10. A wishlist - this doesn't involve spending any money but you (and your readers) still get the buzz of browsing through the latest items in your shopping basket (virtual basket of course). 
  11. Budget friendly alternatives - everyone loves a good dupe, if you know a budget alternative  to a high end product why not share it with the world?
  12. Nails - a great 'filler' post if you're feeling uninspired, snap a pic and let people know what you're currently wearing on your nails. 
  13. Skincare staples - share your favourite skincare staples and talk about your routine.
  14. Storage spaces - another 'nosy' post that everybody enjoys - perhaps you could include some storage ideas and space saving tips for beauty lovers?
  15. DIY posts - whether it's a home made lip balm, a body scrub or something else - share it!
  16. Shopping Hauls - share your purchases, give your initial thoughts or just let people know what's out there in the shops at the moment. 
  17. Tutorials - you don't have to be a professional, maybe you could create a look for a certain event like a Christmas party or if you're really good at eyeliner, share it! 
  18. What's in my makeup bag/bag  - share the contents of your current makeup bag or handbag, warts 'n' all. Another nosy style post. 
  19. Revisit Reviews - you don't have to review only brand new products, why not review one of your old favourites - maybe your opinions have changed?
  20. Beauty must haves - share your holy grail beauty items with your readers, think stranded on an island only allowed to take 5 items! 

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