Friday, 14 November 2014

Avon anew age-transforming foundation review

avon anew foundation review on face

Here's an fun fact for you, the first liquid foundation I ever used was from the Anew (anti ageing) range at Avon. I wore some of my mums foundation for my year 11 end of school prom and before this I was strictly a cream to powder kinda gal. Now, 7 years later I decided to give this foundation another whirl. I'm sure the formula has changed, but I do enjoy Avon foundations - my favourite is the ideal flawless foundation (review here). The Anew Age-transforming foundation is designed to disguise imperfections, smooth the look of fine lines and even skin tone and whilst I didn't purchase it for the anti-aging qualities as such, having read other reviews this seems to be a popular choice for the more mature skin thanks to the active ingredients of collagen and elastin. The foundation also contains SP15, which is always a good addition to your makeup routine as even in winter, our skin is exposed to sun damage. 

As usual I opted for the fairest shade; Ivory and it is a little darker than my normal foundations - but nothing to severe. In terms of coverage I'd put this in the light - medium category, it's lightweight, natural but can be built up for your desired coverage. It has a satin type finish, nothing too dewy but certainly not matte, so if you have oily/combo skin a powder will come in handy but for those who enjoy a less-full coverage foundation but still need or want imperfections disguised I'd say this would be a fantastic choice. One thing to note is that it has quite a strong scent to it, a little like fake tan - which is quite strange and it can irritate the eye area for me, sometimes. If you've experienced the same I would love to know. 

Anew age-transforming foundation retails for £15, a little more than your average drugstore foundation but it's worth noting that it frequently goes into offers for £8-10 a bottle. You can purchase this foundation online at Avon

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