Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Cameliha Hair Accessories

Cameliha printed hair ties

Cameliha printed hair ties

When it comes to hair I'm definitely a plain Jane, I like minimal effort, nothing too time consuming and I hate having my hair in my face so I often have it up in a ponytail or bun. I'm forever losing hair ties and usually go for a bog standard pack of cheap black hair ties, but these Cameliha printed hair ties might just change that. Unlike regular hair ties these are more solid and can even be worn as bracelets - so there's no excuse for losing them. 

I love the wide range of prints available, my favourite is definitely the cute fox design! Because they are wider and thicker than most bobbles, these printed hair ties won't damage the hair around the pony tail and you won't find your hair getting caught in any metal clips. Most hair types will probably find that these printed ties will cause less of a kink in your hair after you take them out too which is another bonus point. I also think these make lovely little gifts too, they are beautifully presented and packaged and would be ideal little stocking fillers or birthday gifts. 

You can find a selection of these printed ties, plus some other pretty cool hair accessories like bows and bands over on and the majority of the items are handmade, which I love!  

*gifted item, all views are my own as always :) 

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