Monday, 24 November 2014

Cutesy Crochet: Handmade Christmas Decor

Today I thought I'd add to the festive December blog posts with some gorgeous handmade items this Christmas. Cutesy Crochet and Crafts is a small independent online shop that creates the most beautiful and cute pieces of crochet for the home including so many wonderful Christmas pieces that are just perfect for making your house look as festive as possible. Plus, I always think it's so nice to buy something handmade at Christmas time and support small businesses. 

My personal favourites are the cute little robins that make perfect tree decorations or can be hung up on any door handle or even on your wall. Decorating the tree is definitely one of my favourite parts of Christmas, even though it's always stressful untangling those bloody fairylights .. just me? I think bunting is always a nice choice for home decor, especially these snowflake buntings which are so nice for Christmas. My favourites are the classic red and white festive bunting and of course, the blue frozen themed bunting that sparkles. 

All of these items can be purchased from Cutesy Crochet & Crafts website, and they are 100% handmade with love right here in Wales. I can fully vouch for that, seeing as though Cutesy Crochet & Crafts is owned by none other than my Mum! It would be so lovely if you payed her a visit on twitter @CutesyCrochet1 or popped by the website. Let me know what your favourite item is in the comments below. 

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