Saturday, 29 November 2014

How to get rid of spots: myths and methods put to the test


Whoever invented spots really should own up right now, I mean - they are quite possibly the suckiest thing ever. It's pretty normal for your skin to get some blemishes now and then, but having a breakout or a massive spot on the middle of your face is never a good look - especially before an event or photo day. Yep, you know how it goes. It's photo day at school and BAM Mr.Spot-Creator gives you a prized pimple in the middle of your forehead. There are so many magic treatments or at home tricks to get rid of spots so here are just a few I've tried and tested. 

Toothpaste? This one crops up a lot, it doesn't get rid of spots and if you have an active spot you're going to regret putting mint flavoured paste on it - OUCH - however it does leave your face smelling minty fresh!

Perfume? Don't do it. It will sting. It won't help and you will scream. 

Sudocrem? You know that nappy rash cream, yep - it actually works. Okay so it's not a miracle worker, but it does reduce redness and help calm it down a bit. 

Spot creams? Yes and No. Find one that has salicylic acid in and you're probably going to get a decent result in reducing the size/redness of a spot. However, there are a lot of gimmick spot creams that really don't perform. It's a case of trial and error. I'd personally recommend the clean and clear fast acting spot gel - works a treat. 

Spot patches? One of the newest products on the market are Dream Dots (readily available in Ireland, you can order to UK). Definitely a good shout for those big red spots that can be quite painful, it will reduce them over night. But the spot won't completely disappear.

Ice? A strange trick that actually helps. Wrapping ice in a towel or tissue and holding it on the spot and repeating throughout the day apparantly helps to remove excess oils and dirt yada-yada. It basically helps it reduce in size and redness, I don't know how but it kinda works. 

Leave it alone? Whilst this is probably a good bit of advice, if you have a bulging pimple in the middle of your face the day before you've got a big event - you're probably not going to want to leave it alone. 

Water? Drinking lots and lots of water can help hydrate the skin and reduce the amount of blemishes for some people, so it's always worth a shot - however, not a quick fix. 

And so it comes down to the nitty gritty, there is no quick fix that will 100% remove a spot from your face. We all have to deal with it. Try some different methods and products, find one that helps to a certain extent and for the remainder rely on either a) good concealer b) bags of confidence c) a little of both! 

Have you tried any of these weird and wonderful methods? 

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