Thursday, 13 November 2014

Just my luck?

At times I have considered myself to be a Lucky person, I've dabbled in online competitions with varying success and even tried my hand at Bingo at Paddy Power and other online games where I've won a handy bit of cash! There's a huge online community of lucky people, who enter competitions daily, discover the latest gaming sites and get lucky. 

Last year I had a streak of good luck, from winning £100 on a bingo site to winning small competitions via social media that soon added up to hundreds of pounds worth of prizes. It's also surprising that through competition sites, social media etc it's possible to turn your luck into new friends and develop great relationships with brands. In fact, after winning a one small competition last year I am now in regular contact with the brand and the PR. 

I personally don't think there is any talent in winning competitions or games like bingo, it really does come down to luck. If you don't play the game how could you possibly win? The age old phrase of you gotta be in it to win it has never been more true. There are so many competitions out there - why not enter a few? A lot of people see the competition but don't take the time to enter, and you never know luck could be on your side. The same goes for game sites and bingo sites, I was always cautious that they were never going to pay out but they actually do - I've had a great experience with them and if you're feeling lucky ... why not try?! 

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