Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lets Go Lashes

On the odd occassion I try out some false eyelashes, I definitely prefer the natural look rather than a full on false lash effect. The lashes I've tried most recently are the 'Let's go Lashes' from Nouveau Beauty. These are strip lashes which make them very easy to apply, so they are ideal for beginners or those who just find applying eyelashes difficult! Lets Go Lashes are available in 4 styles; flirt (above), tease, temptress and heartbreaker - so a great choice range depending on if you prefer natural, flirty lashes or full on bold and beautiful lashes. They're also made from 100% real hair, so they are incredibly soft and feel very natural when you wear them unlike some synthetic lashes, plus they are re-usable! 

The 'flirt' lashes were definitely my favourite style, they have just enough to make your lashes have that 'wow' factor without being too over the top and unnatural. So, if you're looking for natural styles of false lashes that just give you the extra curl and volume then I'd recommend the flirt style. 

You can see the full range of lashes at Nouvea Beauty

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