Sunday, 23 November 2014

MyChelle Skincare & discount code

my chelle skincare review serum cleanser oily combination
Attention fellow oily/combo skin gals (and guys), I've finally found a serum that doesn't make my skin an oily mess. MyChelle skincare's oily/blemish control range offer a clear skin serum designed to calm the skin, balance the natural oils and keep pores purifies as well as helping your skin to stay nourished. The small 30ml bottle houses a clear serum that is lightweight yet nourishing and gives an instant cooling and soothing effect. The clear skin serum does have a fairly strong scent but one that is natural and herbal, so it isn't over powering - although it isn't my favourite scent. Despite only being a 30ml bottle, you only need 2 pumps per application - so this will last a relatively long period of time. The serum retails for £24.50, which is definitely at the higher end of skincare price tags but if serums are your thing then it's all relative isn't it? 

The Fruit Enzyme Cleanser belongs to the combination/all skin types range and this smells amazing. It's like an amazing concoction of citrus zests, orange and sweetness all put together to form a gel like cleanser that really refreshens the skin. The fruit enzyme cleanser is exfoliating and sulphate free, so it removes all the build up on your skin without adding in any of the bad stuff. To use this, you simply apply a coin sized amount and use with warm water, although I find I always use a little more as a coin size doesn't always feel like it's enough. Once you rinse away, you can feel your skin is fresh and clean but you don't get the stripped, tight feeling that many cleansers give. My only concern is that this is a relatively small bottle at just 61ml of product for the £8.50 price tag. 

Overall, I've really enjoyed introducing these two products into my skincare, my favourite being the clear skin serum. You can find MyChelle skincare on their own website and also on FeelUnique. 

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