Monday, 10 November 2014

QV Skincare : A Dry Skin Saviour

QV skincare review cream lotion

As I'm sure you're aware if you've been reading my blog for quite some time now; I have oily/combo skin. So, you may wonder why exactly I am about to tell you about skincare products designed specifically for dry skin types. Although oily, my skin is dry in areas and the rest of my body (i.e arms, legs) is prone to dry patches - elbows, I'm talking about you. 

QV Skincare is actually an Australian skincare brand, although fully available to buy online in the UK, aimed at the management of dry skin conditions such as eczema. The colder months that are now in full swing can be pretty harsh on our skin and dry skin and conditions such as eczema are more prevalent at this time of the year. 

The 'Skin Lotion' is a light weight, moisturising formula that can be used as an all over body lotion to help keep dry skin at bay. You can apply this as often as you like, but I find it effective to apply after a bath or shower. It doesn't leave a residue on the skin so it's great for day or night use and it can also double up as a makeup removing lotion - which is fantastic. This 250ml bottle is £6.06 - so it's certainly an affordable skin care product. 

The Cream formula is a rich and concentrated version, aimed at areas that need extra hydration like the elbows and knees - which works at soothing the area and injecting some much needed moisture and nourishment back into the skin. This 100g tube is a steal at £4.04 (bizarre prices) and this will last you such a long time as you really don't need to apply a huge amount to each area - making this considerably cheaper than many of the more traditional, highstreet skincare brands that do the same job. 

So, if you are of the 'dry skintype' category then consider QV skincare as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive brands on the highstreet. If you're an oily/combo kinda gal then don't forget about the other areas of your skin that need hydrating, or opt for the lighter formula skin lotion as opposed to the cream formula. 

*PR sample, all views my own as always :) 

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