Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The C Word

Christmas. I seriously love this time of year, it's my favourite. I love the cold and dark evenings, I love the bare trees and leaves everywhere and I love the constant excuse to drink hot chocolate. The Christmas movie channel is constantly on and the Christmas film collection is all that the dvd player sees. I know it's kinda early to be so festive and a lot of people moan it's too early for Christmas, it's only November, it's not even December. I don't care! 

Last weekend I indulged in a festive afternoon tea which you can read about in this post and a lovely (and very cold) day out at the park on Sunday with my sister and little brother who is not so little anymore. We strolled around the lake, duck-watched, drank tea and hot chocolate from paper cups and wrapped up warm. 

I've pretty much finished with my Christmas shopping already, so no I won't get that festive Christmas rush in the shops and frantic gift buying experience that so many people love. Instead I'll get the whole of December to spend time with family and friends, watch Christmas movies, bake Christmas related things and enjoy the festive period without the stress of gift buying. Did I mention I've also started wrapping presents too? This was mainly a practical choice as people have a habit of coming into my room and scanning my entire room with their eyes looking for things. The perks of living at home (love you really, mum). 

I kinda get the feeling that I like being organised, which is probably why I'm way ahead on my blog schedule too - I've already finished up some gift guides and Christmas themed posts for you all to enjoy over the coming weeks and hopefully a Christmas competition for you too. I really do love this time of year. 

Do you enjoy Christmas? What's your favourite thing about it? 

Fun fact - the C word (Christmas) appeared 12 times in this post. Ha! 

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