Wednesday, 10 December 2014

loreal Pure Colour dazzling colour refreshing mask

Dazzling colour refreshing mask from Loreal's 'Pure Colour' range

Hair masks are definitely something I love experimenting with, I rarely stick to the same one and I enjoy trying out new masks and deep conditioners. There's only so much a regular conditioner can do so once a week I like to use something a little bit extra to leave my hair feeling in much better condition and more nourished. 

The latest addition to the evergrowing hair mask pile has been this Dazzling colour refreshing mask from Loreal's 'Pure Colour' range, which retails for around the £7 mark. Whilst this is a lot cheaper than some of the more luxurious hair masks out there it's certainly a lot more than I would normally pay, though I did get this on a half price offer - so that was fine. It's a thick, lotion type texture that essentially feels like a very thick conditioner. I use this by applying to the length of my hair and working through with my fingers and leaving it on the hair for around 10 minutes. This mask leaves the hair feeling a lot smoother and less frazzled for want of a better word, and I did notice a little bit of difference in my colour - it looked a little less dull. Having said that, I don't think it did anything miraculous to my hair - so I'm not sure I would justify the £7 price tag. If I see it on offer again, I'd probably purchase it - as it did have a nice effect, but nothing I'd shout from the roof tops. 

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