3 Recruiting Methods to Attract Millennial Salespeople

Millennial salespeople are a rare breed that defies the traditional mould of selling. They have grown up with technology and are comfortable with it. Their world is measured in bits and bytes. Theirs is a digital world of instant gratification and fulfillment. For them, speed is of the essence.

But at the same time, they’re looking for something different from a workplace. They’re also looking in different places when it comes to finding work. So, how can you recruit them?

If you are looking to hire millennial salespeople, a headhunter will come in handy since they understand this group of salespeople better than anyone else. There are a number of ways a headhunter can help you attract and retain stellar millennial salespeople. Here are three of them.

1. They Have Modern Hiring Tools

Often, hiring managers can’t find or attract millennial salespeople because they’re using outdated recruiting and hiring tools. After all, millennials aren’t likely to look for work in the newspaper’s classified section or even on most online job boards. Instead, they’re using social media to find work.

Headhunters understand that millennials no longer meet in coffee houses. They meet in cyberspaces, also called the digital marketplace. They can be found on Facebook walls, pages, and groups, on Twitter, on Instagram, and in many other places on the internet.  Social media recruiting is key to attracting modern sales talent.

A headhunter will use the right tools to find millennial salespeople where they hang out online, ensuring you can find top talent.

2. They Understand What Millennials Want out of a Workplace

Headhunters will advise you to allow the millennial salesperson flexibility. Millenials have grown with a technology that allows them to work from anywhere. They could be sending you sales reports while cavorting in Hawaii or another exotic destination. If you plan to keep them at the office with headsets plugged into the ears, they likely won’t be interested in signing your employment contract. This group of people are comfortable working on the road and clinching sales on the move. The traditional working hours also do not work with them. They could be fast asleep in the morning but hard at work at 1.00 am. But this does not mean they are not productive.

You will have to allow them the flexibility of mobility they’re looking for to attract them.

A headhunter will know how to reach out to top millennial salespeople and offer them the flexibility and mobility that will attract them to your sales team.

3. They Know What Millennials Want out of an Employment Contract

Old-school sellers valued money more than any other type of work benefit or perk. They were attracted to commissions and bonuses. They wanted a high salary.

Millennial salespeople, on the other hand, won’t be lured by these numbers. Sure, they like and require money just like any other employee. However, they are willing to give up some of their pay to gain other benefits, such as work-from-home days, flexible schedules, and better health benefits. They’re also attracted to wellness programs in the workplace.

A headhunter knows what the millennial salesperson is looking for and can help ensure you offer the right employment package to gain their attention.

Recruiting and hiring millennial salespeople is unlike hiring sales reps of the past. Millennial salespeople are looking for work in new, modern places, such as social media. They also want more from their workplaces and their employment contracts. Therefore, attracting them to your salesforce will require a shift in the traditional way you recruit and hire. A sales headhunter can help ensure you’re attracting and hiring millennial salespeople the right way.

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