4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Roof from Summer Storms

Summer is a wonderful time of year. For those who live in a four-seasons climate, the warmer months are the time of year when home owners look forward to all the fun outdoor activities. The hot season is prime time for outdoor cooking, patio parties, gardening, visiting your favourite outdoor park or beach, and participating in outside sports. It is also the time of year when the weather can be quite volatile.

Summertime storms are common in many regions throughout the country. Rain, wind and hail disturbances can cause significant damage to homes and other man made or natural objects that cannot hide from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Hail can be particularly harmful to your property. The ice balls are frozen pellets that form when updraft winds caused by thunderstorms lift the falling rain above the atmosphere’s level of freezing. The frozen droplets can develop in different sizes from small pea size pellets to large baseball size ice bombs. The bigger the icy hale stones, the more damage they can do to your personal belongings. Roofs are especially vulnerable to hailstorms. Your house top is designed to protect the structure underneath so it takes the brunt of Mother Nature’s downpours.

Protecting your home from volatile summer weather is important and that protection starts with a good roof. Installing the maintaining the right roofing material will provide an excellent front line defence to minimize weather related damage to your house. These tips will help save your home from hail damage.

1. Use Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact resistant shingles are made of more durable materials including modified asphalt with a more rubber base, copper, resin, plastic, aluminum. They cost more initially, but the price is well worth it in the long term.  For those who live in areas that are known for severe thunder and hailstorms, impact resistant shingles offer peace of mind because they extend the life of your roof while providing maximum protection to your property.

2. Inspect Your Shingles Regularly

Inspecting your roof annually will help you spot any damage or eroding areas early before they become more serious issues. When asking a professional roofer to check your rooftop, look for peeling, lifting or thinning areas. Fix the eroding parts when you find them to prevent risking further damage.

After a hailstorm, you should also look at the roof to see if any damage occurred during the precipitation. Dents in the shingles and loosened granules might not look bad initially, but over time, these weakened sections can turn into costly repairs.

3. Apply Rigid Sheathing

Sheathing is the sheet of material or wooden panels that are attached to your roofs rafters under the shingles. Applying rigid fabrics to your rafters will provide additional support to your home’s top and help minimize the risk of damage from the hailstorm.

4. Purchase Good Insurance

Buying good insurance is important in protecting your valuables from Mother Nature’s wrath If you are considering getting house insurance, make sure you know what is covered and what is not when it comes to natural disasters.

If you already have insurance on your property, review your policy with your agent to make you have the best coverage available. It will hopefully never have to be used,  but f it does, you will want the reassurance that you will not be stuck wit a hefty repair bill.

Severe weather storms are common in the summer. If your house is not properly protected, the wind and hail can cause extreme and expensive damage. Taking proactive steps will help keep your valuables secure during the volatile summery weather.

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