4 Shipping Tips for Safe and Efficient Arrival

The safe and timely arrival of your products that you send to customers is of utmost importance. After all, if the items arrive damaged or, you will endure losses as you will have to replace them and these customers will lose the trust they have in you. When items are late, customers tend to be disappointed and this may result in them ceasing to give you their business. Below are 4 tips to follow to ensure the safe and efficient arrival of orders placed.

1. Package accordingly

The packaging you choose for your shipments will largely influences whether the items arrive undamaged and intact or not. Obviously if shipments arrived damaged the customer will be disappointed, you may be on the hook for replacements costs, and chances are this person will not buy from you again.

To increase the chances of your shipment arriving in acceptable condition, be conscious of how you package it. First, consider the item itself. If it is considered fragile, extra padding may be required. Pack the items in corrugated cardboard boxes and add bubble wrap to protect them. Use paper to fill in extra space to prevent shifting that could cause damage. Be sure to tape both the bottom and top of the box along any seams to prevent the products from falling out.

2. Use the right method

When selling your items, you probably offer a few different shipping methods to customers. This is very beneficial however you need to confirm that the methods listed will meet customer’s needs and deliver the shipments in a timely and effective manner.

Depending on the customer’s location, a few shipping methods can usually be offered. For example, if it is a domestic order, you can offer, domestic and express shipping methods. This offers the customer a standard method as well as one that will get the shipment to them faster.

For international orders you can offer international and express methods with the same idea. Be sure that methods match the customer’s location. For instance, you cannot offer domestic shipping to an international location. This will cause confusion and may upset the customer.

3. Have tracking features

In this age of technology, when shipments are made it is quite common to have tracking information provided by shipping companies. This is preferred because it can give both shipper and customer peace of mind that the items ordered are en route to their destination.

When shipping your items, consider offering tracking features with each package. You can even charge the customer extra for doing so. This way you are not out-of-pocket for it. As soon as a package is sent, communicate the tracking number to the customer so he/she can use it to keep an eye on the shipment and see its locations when it is in transit. Tracking information can be helpful to you as well because it allows you to see if there are any delays and attempt to correct them.

4. Be aware of customs

It is sometimes easy to think that your shipments will not be stopped or held up at customs. However, it does occur and while customers are usually understanding when it does happen, some may blame you, making you lose future business in the process.

Before sending a shipment internationally, ensure that it will be in compliance with rules and regulations in the recipient’s country. Every country has different ones and just because the item may be acceptable in yours does not mean it will be in theirs. The most restricted items are usually plants, animals, chemicals, and foods so if your shipments fall into these categories, they may automatically be seized or you may need to take extra steps to ensure they are in compliance.

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