4 Tips for Choosing a Floral Arrangement

Giving flowers on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals are by and large very much appreciated by the recipient. They are very good at sending an intended message and they rarely disappoint. That being said, flowers are not foolproof.

There is still some thought that needs to go into what floral arrangement you should choose as the wrong one could be met with confusion or disappointment. Below are 4 tips when you are choosing a floral arrangement for someone. If you are uncertain, ask the flower shop for help. The florists will pick out a floral arrangement that is appropriate for the occasion and enjoyed by the recipient.

1. Consider the event

When choosing a floral arrangement, you want to pick one that is appropriate for the event. Otherwise, it will stick out and definitely not in a good way. For example, arrangements that are good for anniversaries may not have the same affect if given at a funeral.

Flowers have different meanings and half the battle is determining which ones are appropriate for a given event. For anniversaries, flowers such as daisies, daffodils, roses, and lilies are popular. For birthdays, many people choose to give the recipient a bouquet of their birth flower. In the event of a funeral, chrysanthemums, roses, and lilies and often the flowers of choice. While floral arrangements will be appreciated no matter what, having the right flowers will demonstrate the extra thought that went into the one you chose.

2. Consider the recipient

Depending on the occasion, you want the floral arrangement that you give to make the recipient happy or let them know they are in your thoughts. You also want the flowers to take into account their tastes and interests as well.

If your flowers will be on display in a bigger venue, chances are you cannot cater to everyone. However, if your flowers will be given to be enjoyed by close friends or family, take into account what types of flowers they like. This will make them happy and demonstrate the thought that went into the flowers you gave them. Be especially mindful of any allergies that the recipient has.

While this information may not always be common knowledge, if you are aware of any allergies to a specific type of flower, obviously avoid these ones. To be on the safe side, also choose flowers that are low-pollen since this is a common substance that many people are allergic to.

3. Sequence

You want the floral arrangement that you purchase to be colourful, eye-catching, and vibrant. While it is common to think that this would be achieved with as many different coloured flowers as possible, sometimes this can have the opposite effect, making the piece look too busy and messy.

When choosing your floral arrangement at, in addition to being mindful of the event, keep it simple. Choose a sequence of no more than 3 different colours. For example, white, pink, and red would be appropriate for Valentine’s Day as they are symbols of love. Blue, white, and green for example would be acceptable for a funeral as they are often seen as colours representing peace and serenity.

4. Presentation

As stated, no matter what floral arrangement you give, it will be welcomed and appreciated. However, presentation is a major factor and you need to make sure the arrangement’s appearance is elegant and put together in a style that matches the occasion perfectly.

There are many different ways to put a floral arrangement together. For example, bouquets are perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and dates and allows the recipient to arrange them the way they want to later on. Vase arrangements are ideal for funerals, those who may be sick, or people who are elderly and celebrating a birthday or anniversary as they will not have to do anything with them.

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