4 Unique Features That Make Wooden Watches So Distinct

Watches have become secondary since a new era or smartphones and wearable technology took over. But in terms of being a key accessory, watches still play a role. They still tend to be a status symbol and they add a touch of class on special occasions especially when you choose a time piece that shows elegance and exhibits history.

Traditional watches made of plastic and metal tend to look the same after a while and most times people pay no attention to them. For these reasons, wooden watches should be considered as an addition to your list of accessories. A wooden watch gives you a touch of class and allows you to express your uniqueness. Your watch will become the center of attention and a source of many compliments. Here are 4 benefits of wearing a wooden watch today.

1. Completely unique

A hand-crafted wooden watch never has a generic look to it. Watchmakers see each timepiece as a work of art and will often go to great lengths to give it a custom look that individualizes it and makes it stand out. Also, wooden grains come in a variety of styles so wooden watches are guaranteed to be unique.

Whether you purchase a wooden watch from an individual watchmaker or a designer brand, the same qualities are incorporated into the design. Since no two watches look identical, you can expect an impressive contrast that comes from making watches from different parts of the wood.

2. Natural

For many of us, very few possessions we carry with us can be described as all-natural or have that look and feel of being natural. Almost everything we carry is made of synthetic materials such as metal, glass, or leather. By adding a wooden accent to your personal items, it gives you a special connection to the natural world that many people take for granted.

For a person living in urban areas surrounded by metal and concrete, you may not be able to do anything about the artificial things that surround you. However, you still have some measure of control over what you choose to wear or carry with you. As such, wearing a wooden watch will be a nice contrast especially in this type of atmosphere and it will stand out and be noticed even more.

3. Nickel-free

People who are allergic to nickel have a hard time wearing fine watches on their wrist. Most digital watches contain nickel particularly on the back plate. This of course makes them a deal breaker for anybody with metal allergies. Even a mild allergy can cause swellings and blisters, so it is advisable for people with such allergies to stay away from conventional digital watches.

Wooden watches on the other hand contain only small amounts of metal with none on the back. This makes them ideal for people with metal allergies. If you are allergic to metal you can wear your wooden watch knowing that you will not have a reaction that can be painful and annoying. If you know anyone with metal allergies, suggest a wooden watch or give him/her one as a gift. It will definitely be appreciated.

4. Environmentally-friendly

Wooden is easily renewable compared to plastic or metal, which makes wooden watches a good choice if you are looking to do your part to help the environment. Since wooden watches are made from reclaimed or recyclable wooden sources few trees are cut down to make them. On the occasions where trees are cut down to make the watches, efforts are usually made by the company or individual responsible to replace them.

Artisans use all kinds of wood including bamboo and other hardwoods because it grows rapidly and it is strong. Aside from being renewable, wooden also leaves a lower carbon footprint and requires less energy than metal when being produced.

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