4 Unique Ideas for Wedding Themes & Styles

If you are going to be getting married soon and are busy planning the event, here are some ideas you might want to consider. These ideas are bound to cause lots of “oohs” and “aahs” and have your guests utterly impressed. You should speak to a company that does party rentals of course.

Not only can they help you in setting up the place but they could also give you loads of tips and ideas as well to make your wedding the wedding of the century. Harry and Meghan’s wedding will pale in comparison! But seriously, here are a few ideas that you could consider.

1. Barn Wedding

Barn weddings can be so charming and beautiful and if you speak to the party rentals company, they may be able to show you just how amazing it can be. Even if you are not a country soul kind of person, it really does not matter; the rustic style will have a magic all of its own. For this kind of wedding, family style tables are recommended, since this will help to relax everyone with a more casual feel to their dining experience. If you can, make sure to ask about chandeliers. This will add an elegant feel and warmth to the occasion and increase that intimate feel as well.

2. Black & White Wedding

This can be so incredibly stunning. Picture a huge hall with everything laid out and all you can see is a sea of black and white. You can have all the tables laid out with white tablecloths and black table runners and napkins. A black and white affair is one of those things that won’t go wrong. It is great for any venue and it is absolutely timeless. The chairs can be black or if possible, you could get ones with black padded seats while the rest of the chair could be crystal, which would make a classy combination.

3. Rustic Ambience

Add a wonderful and romantic rustic ambience to the wedding with a rustic indoor feel that is sure to be a hit with everyone. This also depends a lot on the place you pick, but if this is what you want, you can find out more about hosting your special event in a place that has a rustic charm.

You can then go about getting everything else to go along with it so that one complements the other. Walnut folding chairs are good for setting the mood, along with white linen, making a striking and attractive contrast. It would be nice if the venue you choose has exposed brick and wood floors of course. When everything comes together, it will have a vintage and romantic vibe that’s made in heaven.

4. Tents

Tent weddings seem to be very popular and in fact, many people also request tents for showers and backyard parties as well. A tent wedding can include luxurious draping and elegant chandeliers. Remember that in the winter, it can be made warm and in the summer, it can be kept cool, so the time of the year is not a problem.

For the best advice on ideas and how to go about planning your special event, speak to party rental experts. They have the experience to guide you all the way so that your special day goes smoothly.

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