5 Cool Upgrades You Should Put In Your Bike

The idea of converting from a car driver to a city bike user can sometimes be a daunting one for many people. However, with the considerations of the differences in costs, the positive health outcomes, and the positive contribution to the environment, getting a city bike is a great choice. Bikes are also more affordable and can be personalized, meaning you can pick a style and model to suit you and even modify it to further meet your needs and desires.

If these reasons are enough to make you convert and you are taking the step of investing in your very own city bike, you may want to take a look below at some of the upgrades you should consider making to your bike after your purchase.

1. New Tires

Tires are probably the lowest-cost upgrade you can make; however, they can be the most important as they are the only thing between you and the road. To a new bike rider, tires may all look the same, but this is not true. They come in different models, all with different performance abilities.

Tires with more grip are much safer and will allow you more coverage and speed, but thinner tires can give a more comfortable feel. You don’t want rock-hard tires that drag. Most of all, you want to consider which tires will be the safest for the ground you will be covering. Investing in the right tires can prevent accidents and injuries and allow for more riding time.

2. New Brakes

The more powerful and reliable your brakes are, the more confident and efficient you will be when travelling around on your city bike, whether while driving to work or running errands. High-quality brakes are vital to your safety and they are the main tool used to limit collisions or high-speed injuries. Having great brakes will also make it easier for you to take sharp corners, allowing for better turns.

Always check that the brakes or discs you are investing in are compatible with your city bike before making the purchase, and consider which sets are more suitable for your daily usage.

3. New Saddle and Bars

You can modify your saddle and bars to improve comfort—and greater comfort contributes to a good riding experience. If you are having a good experience, you are more likely to perform better when riding your bike and continue to use the bike rather than reverting to your car or public transport. Ensure that the saddle or bars you are looking to purchase will fit correctly on your bike frame and seat post.

4. New Chainrings

Moving away from comfort and style, chainrings can play a big part in your performance depending on the type of terrain you’ll be riding on. Different types of terrain require different types of rings and alternative numbers of teeth. Gearing has a huge impact on performance, so adjusting it accordingly can help you get the most out of your bike.

5. New Wheels

Getting new wheels is perhaps the most expensive modification you can make, but it’s also the most noticeable and effective. Wheels can be modified to reduce the overall weight of your bike, which will make a drastic impact on your performance.

There are many different types of wheels. Again, always make sure your new gear is compatible with your bike frame and model. You won’t regret investing in the best set of wheels you can buy, as they will ultimately last you a very long time and contribute to long-term performance.

If you’ve made the switch from car to city bike, that’s a great step forward for your health and the environment. Now is the time to consider how you can improve your riding experience by taking into account the modifications you can make.

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