5 Different Types of Automatic Pig Feeders

Pigs are voracious eaters. There are a number of pig feeders that will ensure that your swine keep eating and growing. Below are different automatic feeders that should keep your pigs munching and grunting.

1. Basic Feeding System

In the basic feeding system, the feed is not weighed. All pigs feed on the same type of feed. It is flexible to use and can feed individual pigs through the use of dispensers to restrict feeding. This type of feeding system has a registration feature that provides you with feed intake insights in every section or house per day.

The system also provides a safe feeding environment for gestating sows, which can come in and leave on their own without requiring much training. It is ideal for both large and small groups of swine. Data can easily be integrated through the use of a herd management software system.

2. Dry Feed System for Multiphase Feeding

This is a multiphase dry feeding system, which applies the right amount of feeding per feeding station. The composition of the feed can vary on a day-to-day basis in response to the feeding needs of the swine. To help the pigs adapt to the new feed, the transition from one feed to the other is very gradual. This also helps the swine to grow well with less susceptibility to sicknesses since the feed intervals correspond with the growth and mix curve of the animals. You can also add farm-grown ingredients and by-products, as well as other additives.

3. The Basic Liquid Feeding System

This is a simple liquid feeding system that can be precisely set for every feed valve according to the needs of the pigs. It can also distribute huge quantities of feed within a short time. This feeding type is, therefore, suitable for houses that have finishers and expansive farms that feature long distances between the feeding troughs and the feed kitchen.

4. Waste-Free Liquid Feeding Systems

In waste-free liquid feeding systems, a positioning liquid is poured into the circuit between feeding cycles. What this means is that the feed is not left in the circuits, which improves overall hygiene and lowers the risk of the presence of mould or bacteria in the feed. This system ensures that your pigs always enjoy fresh and tasteful feed. It is ideal for piglets and sows since it can be used to easily dispense different types of feed systematically.

5. Wet and Dry Feeders

These types of feeders feature a greater hopper capacity and have wide holes that can accommodate heavy finishing weights. They also feature wide spaces that make it easy to access the feeder and reduce waste.

Due to their wide size, the pigs are able to eat directly from the feeder as opposed to eating at an angle, which may restrict feeding spaces. The large size of this feeder also enhances efficiency. In addition, the extra headroom means that larger pigs can eat naturally while standing.

It features reinforced corners and fully hemmed edges. This feeder also provides you with immense power to keep costs low while at the same time maximizing consumption throughout your production system. If you are looking for an adjustable, highly efficient feeder that also features numeric dials that are easy to read, and which allow you to precisely set each feeder, then wet and dry feeders should do the job perfectly.

The different types of automatic pig feeders are applicable to different circumstances and the pig’s stage of growth. Whether you are looking for sow feeders or nursery feeders, there are enough models to pick from. Whatever feeder you may decide to buy, always make sure that it’s made of stainless steel, minimizes waste, and is cost-effective.

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