5 Fun Activities That Keep Your Body Toned

Staying committed to an exercise routine can be pretty boring. Not everyone is cut out for running endless miles on a treadmill or straining to lift weights while staring at the gym wall. Fortunately, many fun activities will keep your body in excellent shape. Check out these five fun activities that will keep your body toned!

1. Try Your Hand At Muay Thai

Muay Thai may sound complicated, but don’t feel intimidated. Anyone of any skill level can start practicing Muay Thai. Muay Thai combines both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. This is an excellent way to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Muay Thai is also excellent for strengthening your lower body. Practicing the moves on a regular basis helps you develop muscle endurance and agility. Because Muay Thai forces you to practice various striking and defensive movements, you’ll also enjoy increased core strength. Muay Thai is fun and challenging at the same time.

2. Sign Up For Ballet Classes

Ballet is another activity that seems fun on the surface but will challenge your body. Taking ballet classes is an excellent way to improve your posture. Many of the forms practiced in ballet force you to pull your shoulders back and stretch out your neck. This is an excellent way to help you stand taller and fight off pain in your back caused by bad posture.

Taking ballet classes will also improve your flexibility. Professional ballet dancers stretch for up to 2 hours before beginning their routines. While you won’t be stretching this much, you’ll certainly learn how to loosen up your body. Ballet involves both static and dynamic stretching which is great if you spend all day working at a desk.

3. Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an excellent anaerobic exercise. Because you’re constantly shifting your weight to climb the wall, it strengths your back muscles and hardens your core. You also use your legs and arms to push yourself up which helps develop the stabilizing muscles in those areas. Indoor rock climbing can be fun and intense.

4. Take Up Hiking

Hiking is an excellent way to get your cardio and tone your lower body. Hiking on uneven terrain helps you build strength in your hips, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. You’ll also notice it’s easier to maintain your balance thanks to your stronger core. Best of all, hiking is an excellent way to improve your mood by connecting with the outdoors. Hiking is a calming way to keep stress and anxiety under control.

5. Buy Yourself A Hula Hoop

Hula-hooping isn’t just for kids. This is a fun activity that is great for building your cardiovascular strength, slimming your waist and toning your abdominals. Using a hula-hoop also helps tone your lower back muscles, thighs and buttocks. Hula-hooping is an activity that you can do indoors or out, by yourself or in a class setting.

To get started, find yourself a large heavy hoop. The children’s hoops that you’ll find in toy stores are too small and light to get a good workout. Start with your legs shoulder-width apart and begin to spin the hoop around your hips, using your own momentum to keep the hoop up. Try this in cycles of 5-10 minutes and see how long you can last!

Varying your exercise routines is essential to meeting your health goals. It’s far too easy to give up when you’re forcing yourself to stick to a dull workout routine. Finding an activity that you enjoy makes meeting your health goals a much easier task. Try one of the above five exercises!

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