5 Loft Tips for Improving Your Loft

The words “loft apartment” often conjure up images of an urban, bohemian lifestyle that seems out of reach for many people. The truth is, you actually don’t need tons of cash to live in a loft. You don’t even have to live in San Francisco or SoHo, Boston to rent one. You can also find a one-bedroom loft apartment in smaller communities in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Lofts are wide-open spaces with few or no partitioning walls, and are usually on one floor. They’re often former industrial, commercial or mill spaces that have been renovated.

Loft apartments have gained a lot of popularity over the years. These spaces have a lot of potential and can easily be converted into cohesive and cozy homes oozing with charm and personality. Nonetheless, it can be hard deciding where to start when trying to personalize your space. Below are some tips for improving your loft.

1. Curtains

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Choosing the right curtains will go a long way in making a space that’s primarily one room look sophisticated. You can give the illusion of rooms by hanging curtains to divide your loft into designated living spaces. This also helps establish some privacy. If you have large windows, which are recommended for a loft, then curtains will help dress them up and darken the room whenever you need to.  To maximize the light coming into the room during the day, use light colored curtains and shades.  This will also help save on energy costs.

2. Storage

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Space is limited in a loft. For this reason, you want to make the most of every inch. The first thing you need to do is remove all clutter since it takes up a lot of space and makes the room feel crowded. Any stuff that you’re not using should be stored away or disposed.

Make proper use of your walls for storage. Have as many shelves as possible and place hooks at strategic locations. Hooks come in handy where you want to display your kitchenware. Buy pretty containers to store tools and dry goods if they’re exposed. Whenever you can, buy functional furniture pieces that you can use for storage. For example, you can get a table with drawers, a bed with storage underneath, and a TV stand with cabinet space.

3. Go Vertical

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Maximize on the use of space by going taller on storage and other fixtures. You can give the illusion of space by using tall lamps, hanging light fixtures, bookshelves and plants. Using oversized wall art helps draw the eyes upwards and makes the room look taller.

4. Colours

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Using darker colors will make the room seem smaller. For this reason, you should stick to lighter colors on your walls and floors.  Combining bright colors with mirrors on the walls will bounce light throughout the room and make it look larger than it actually is. To break the monotony, have an accent wall with a darker color. This will also help create a contrast between living spaces.

5. Lighting

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Want to open up your loft? Why not bathe it in light? Light is an excellent tool for manipulating your spaces and creating moods. For example, you can use light to highlight certain areas of interest and minimize others. You can also use unique light fixtures to bring character and style to your loft.

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