5 Lovely Features of Hardwood Flooring

The flooring in your home contributes a lot to the overall appearance of the area, giving it elegance and class. While options such as tile, slate, real hardwood, and vinyl are popular and have their advantages, engineered hardwood have gained prominence among homeowners. Below are 5 advantages of installing engineered hardwood flooring in your home.

1. Durable

Not only do you want the flooring in your home to look fantastic but also be able to withstand typical foot traffic and wear and tear. With engineered hardwood, you can definitely achieve both of these goals.

Engineered hardwood consists of many layers of wood pressed together and finished with a protective coating. This ensures that once installed your floor will be strong and resistant to scratches, and dents. The engineered hardwood planks are also not susceptible to expanding and contracting like real hardwood when temperature levels change. This means you will not have to worry about your floor buckling as a result and you can lay it in places more prone to moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

2. Can be refinished

Engineered hardwood floors are resistant to scratches and dents but this does not mean they are immune to them. Damage can occur to this type of flooring but the good news is, unlike other types of flooring, they can be refinished.

Depending on the thickness of the planks, engineered hardwood floors can be sanded down and refinished numerous times as needed. This process will remove unsightly imperfections that take away from the overall great appearance of your floor. After sanding you can then choose the finish that you want meaning you are free to change the overall appearance of the floor if desired.

3. Variety

You want the flooring in your home to match the colours and design of the room that it is installed in. In doing so, you do not want to sacrifice the type of flooring you want and choose one you did not want in the first place.

Engineered flooring is made from many different types of wood such as oak, spruce, maple, and bamboo. Each of these materials offers unique grains and patterns. They can also be finished with many different coatings. As a result, you will get the flooring that matches the room it is installed in and it will look amazing.

4. Easy to maintain

The floors in your home can get scuffed and dirty just with typical use and because you have enough things to do, you do not want to spend a lot of time maintaining your floors.

Engineered hardwood floors are a preferred option because spills and messes can be wiped up easily. The coatings used on engineered hardwood floors make the maintenance of the planks a breeze. With some easy and hassle-free cleaning methods such as sweeping, dusting, and mopping using a dry microfiber mop you can have your floors looking great in no time at all. On occasion you may also want to use a cleaner specifically for engineered hardwood to make the flooring shine.

5. Economical

The installation of a new floor in your home can be expensive. Therefore, you probably want to save some money while you can but still have a floor that looks great. With engineered hardwood, you can achieve both of these goals.

When you install hardwood flooring, you are getting a flooring that looks like real hardwood for significantly less. This type of flooring is also significantly easier to install. As a result, labour costs will be less in the event you choose to have a professional company install it.

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