5 Office Cleaning Tips to Use This Summer

Here is a question: when was the last time you saw the surface of your desktop? If the answer is since your first day on the job, then you know your office is in trouble.

Isn’t it about time you got your office space prepared for the summertime when living is easy?

Since new life is forming, and this means plenty of pests infiltrating your work environment, you need to ensure that the premises are clean. Sweeping, taking out the trash, and wiping down are just some of the maintenance measures to employ.

What else can you do? Here are five office cleaning tips to use this summer:

1. Start by Cleaning Your Desks

Employees spend seven to eight hours of their weekday at their desks. They are checking emails, meeting deadlines, and playing Solitaire, er, completing documents. So, of course these desks are going to get dirty, messy, and disorganized over a period of time.

The important thing, however, is to begin cleaning your desks. Although this should be performed periodically, you can do one big swoop in time for the summer.

What should you do? Well, here are a few things:

  • Declutter by getting rid of everything you don’t need or ever use.
  • Wipe down every nook and cranny of your desk with a Lysol wipe.
  • Add some organizational material to your desk (see below).

If you adopt these simple tricks, your desks can look immaculate.

2. Begin to Organize Your Office


How often do employees lose documents? How many times do you have difficulty trying to locate a file? Didn’t you just print out a memo?

When you don’t organize, it is easy to misplace everything.

Moving forward, you should establish an organization model. This could include everything installing new filing cabinets to shredding documents you don’t need anymore.

An organized office is a happy office.

3. Keep the Break Room Clean & Clear

The break room is your oasis from work. It gives you the opportunity to take a breather, munch on a bag of chips, and gab about season five of “Seinfeld.” But it won’t be your refuge from the hustle and bustle of the business if it is disgusting.

Ultimately, you must keep the break room clean and clear at all times. It is important that crumbs don’t linger on the crowd (it will attract bugs), seven-month-old expired food sits in the refrigerator (creates an odour), and the trash is removed (presents a horrendous atmosphere).

You should treat your break room like the kitchen in your home. Wait a minute…

4. Dump the Waste Basket

Every cubicle, lunchroom, and common area has a waste basket. The critical thing to remember about these trash cans is that they need to be emptied, cleaned, and even replaced regularly.

By not emptying the bins, cleaning them on a regular basis, and replacing them if they emit a foul smell, you risk impacting the internal environment, attracting pests, and causing illness.

One more thing: complement your waste basket with a recycling can.

5. Hire a Professional Cleaning Crew

Want to completely eviscerate bacteria, eliminate odours, and eradicate dirt for the summer? Hire a professional cleaning crew.

Since many offices become safe havens for harmful germs, and most companies are ill-equipped to correctly clean a commercial environment, it is simply better to book the services of an experienced, professional, and insured janitorial firm.

Office cleaning is no joke. You want the best of the best. But, remember, once you obtain office cleaning tips, you need to maintain the property.

Let’s be honest: many of us are just too busy to focus on cleaning and maintenance. As time goes by, we don’t even notice the litter of empty soda cans on the floor or the candy wrappers under the keyboard. This is why it is essential to hire a professional office cleaning crew to eliminate the waste, bacteria, and foul smells engulfing the entire business. Some of us just lack the skills to properly declutter, clean, and sanitize.

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