5 Physical Benefits of Practicing Muay Thai

Exercise is great, and finding a good way to exercise can be life changing to some people. However, when that great exercise can easily become a hobby that you’re quite passionate about, well then that’s just awesome, right?

Muay Thai is one of those rare activities that fall in the very middle of the hobby/exercise Venn diagram, which makes its popularity much easier to understand. What are some great benefits of this activity, though? Well, in the finely crafted words below, you will find five huge benefits of studying the art of Muay Thai.

1. Cardiovascular Conditioning

Sure, there are many ways to approach good cardiovascular conditioning, including running and swimming. However, those may not be the most preferable options to everyone, although they are highly recommended. Luckily, though, training in Muay Thai has a great payoff in the form of increased cardiovascular conditioning. As you progress in the training, you’ll find that your efforts have been improving your heart all along, and everyone loves a good, strong heart.

2. Leg Strength

Every day is leg day in Muay Thai, as kicking and footwork are staples of the art. Whipping out moves such as the signatures Roundhouse Kick certainly takes a pair of legs that are strong and resilient. Therefore, you’ll need to really work on the lower body in order to really nail all of those kicks and smooth moves that are required of you. More specific benefits of leg strength gained via Muay Thai are muscle endurance, force production, agility, and fantastic looking legs that allow you to strut around with pride and satisfaction. All in all, the leg strength alone is worth looking into the art, really.

3. Core Strength

You should never underestimate the value of a strong core. Now, you should be aware that core strength is referring to the overall strength of each muscle found on your trunk, not just the six pack, although that is also a nice perk. The ever moving, rotational movements that occur in the sport are a great source of core strength and will leave you about as stout as you can possibly be, which is a very enviable quality for many people. With all the striking, defensive movements, and clinching that happen when partaking in Muay Thai, it’s basically impossible not to walk away from Muay Thai with an incredibly strengthened core, but who would ever step away, right?

4. Hip Health

This benefit may not make itself overtly known for a while, if at all, but that simply means it’s working. Many older people find themselves wishing that they took better care of their hips in their prime as potential medical issues arise with age. Luckily you can get out in front of this concern by practicing Muay Thai, which will give you strong, healthy hips that will fare much better when dealing with the sands of time.

5. Relieving Stress in Your Body

Stress is a rampant issue in the world of today. In fact, it has been a real problem for a while now, give or take a few centuries. This is why it’s always important to find a good outlet for all that pent-up stress before it grants you some seriously averse physical or mental health issues, like some malevolent genie you cut off in traffic. Muay Thai is a great way to filter all of that stress out in a positive environment that will leave you much healthier, much happier, and even a bit more physically capable in the end. There’s absolutely no reason not to love that, after all.

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