5 Questions You’re Probably Asking About Retirement Homes

Post-retirement years often come with lowered abilities to take care of all those things that need attention around the home. It’s often a little bit tougher to get around, but many people resist moving to a retirement home, for fear of losing their independence.

What many people don’t understand about retirement homes is that they can look like almost anything, depending on your specific preferences and needs.

1. What would my living arrangements be like?

The beauty of the retirement home is that the choice really is yours. You will have the choice of a private or a shared room, and you can decide on the amount of service you require from nurses and others staff.

On the one hand, there is independent living an arrangement which allows you to enjoy all of the freedoms you would have living in your own home, except it removes the basic day-to-day responsibilities from your shoulders, like cleaning and cooking.

Alternatively, there is assisted living, for those who require a bit more assistance. These services are personalized depending on the amount of service required, and individuals can request any services that are not included, should they require more help.

2. What is there to do?

Most retirement home communities offer recreational activities. This could include anything from dancing and exercise, to organized social events and games like bingo. There are often activities or performances organized throughout the day to make sure the residents have entertainment and interaction available, alternatively there are resources available – like puzzles, libraries, games, cards and television – where the residents can create their own relaxing entertainment.

Sometimes, retirement homes will organize excursions outside of the home – to places like museums and other attractions. These would not normally be included in the basic price paid to live in the retirement home but can add an extra level of entertainment and socializing to a resident’s stay.

3. What is there to eat?

Retirement homes take on the task of organizing your daily meals and snacks. You will usually be provided with three well-balanced meals in a day, as well as options for snacks in between. There are often different options available, so that you still have the power of choice and decision in your dietary intake. Should you require assistance with eating, that assistance will be made available to you. Your independence is the retirement home’s priority. You will be assisted as needed and left to take care of things you still can and want to take care of.

4. What about my health?

The retirement home will make sure that all necessary medication is administered as required, and that the residents are in good health. Should the resident require assistance with basic hygienic practices like showering and dressing.

Many retirement homes have on-site medical care. Medical professionals make visits to the residents, so that the residents do not need to worry about getting to the doctor. Alternatively, the residents can go to see a medical professional between rounds, if necessary.

5. Does it have to be forever?

Many people think that a retirement home is a permanent living arrangement. It certainly can be; however, some retirement communities also offer short-term living arrangements. This can be used by people who were injured or ill and are unable or do not want to live by themselves, but who only need assistance for a short period of time. These residents will receive the same care and amenities as those who live in the home permanently.

This service is called respite care and is basically a hotel that offers all of the care services of the retirement home.

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