5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Living Room

How much did you spend on that living room furniture set? $1,000? $2,500? $5,000?

Whatever the price-tag was, you want to keep your furniture pieces in pristine condition. This can be extremely difficult to achieve because your couch or your chair are constantly in use every single day, whether it’s by you, your spouse, your kids, your neighbours, or your pets.

With spring on the horizon, this is a perfect opportunity to give your living room furniture a good cleaning. Since you’re cleaning everything else in the house, you can apply your domestic skills to the most populated space of your home: the living room.

Here are five spring cleaning tips for your living room furniture:

1. Remove Every Cushion and Pillow

It is true that this is something that should be done at least once per month, but, like most things in life, it is typically better late than ever.

In the case of your living room furniture, you need to remove every single cushion and pillow and place it in a safe location where they won’t get dirty.

As you proceed with this task, you will be astonished as to what you will discover under your cushions and behind the pillows. Everything from loose change to loose candy, there’s so much stuff that can be found buried in your sofa or armchair.

Once these components are taken away, you need to grab your vacuum cleaner and move ahead with a deep, deep…deep vacuum. You must get to every nook, cranny, crevice, and tough spot.

In the end, your living room furniture will look like you just purchased it from the showroom.

2. A Bad Smell? Use a Water-Based Solution

Unfortunately, unless you use some kind of cover, your living room furniture will endure bad smells. They will be repugnant and noticeable once you sit down or even step closer to the sofa, loveseat, or chair. It can be uncomfortable and downright embarrassing.

So, what’s the remedy?

Well, you could mask it with Febreze. Or, you could permanently remove it with a water-based cleaning solution. Here is what you should do:

– Fill a spray bottle with water.
– Add a few drops of liquid dish detergent.
– Mix white vinegar and baking soda.
– Spray the fabric and wipe down with a clean rag.

By doing this, you can combat the odour and permanently remove it.

3. Follow the Manufacturer’s Label

Before you start remembering your chemistry classes from high school and begin to integrate all of these different elements, you need to first read and follow the manufacturer’s label.

There are generally three letters to keep on the lookout for:

– W: water-based detergent
WS: water-based cleaner or water-free cleaner
X: professional cleaning required.
S: use a water-free product.

You just need to be careful to never over-wet the fabric.

4. Machine Wash, Dry Clean, or Professionals

Should you wish to remove the covers from your cushions or pillows, you need to once again check the manufacturer’s tag and determine how you can clean these fabrics.

You will usually only have one of three options:

– Machine wash
– Dry clean
– Professional cleaning

A machine wash is preferable because it’s cheaper. A dry clean is OK, but it will cost you. A professional cleaning is where you might be befuddled, but if you spent a hefty penny (or nickel) on your living room furniture, then it is essential to use a professional cleaning company.

5. Employ Preventative Measures for the Future

As you perform your spring cleaning, this provides a wonderful opportunity: establishing preventative measures for the future so that you won’t need to do a thorough spring cleaning every year. Why? Because, for the most part, your spring cleaning routine is every day.

Here are several measures you can take advantage of:

– Cover your living room furniture with decorative covers and wash them bi-weekly.
– Institute a “no eating in the living room” rule for your family and guests.
– Suffer a spill? Clean it right away, don’t wait until the next cleaning day.
– Take your cushions every month and beat them by the hand outside.

These simple tricks are long-term solutions, especially if you detest spring cleaning.

There are two interesting revelations about living room furniture: we spend a lot of money on it and we use it a lot every day of our lives. Why wouldn’t we want to keep the sofa, the lounge chair, the loveseat, and all of the other trinkets in this area in good shape? You can by adopting these rudimentary spring cleaning methods.

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