5 Things to Consider Before Moving to A New Apartment

Have you found the perfect furnished apartments for rent and are considering moving in? You must be worried about all the little details that will have an impact of your transition to this new world. This seemingly harmless exercise affects your career, your kids and their education, and even your social life. For this reason, moving should be a considered decision that’s well planned out. Below we explore some of the things you should do before moving to a new apartment.

  1. The Cost of Living
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The cost of living in an area can negatively affect your lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to find out well in advance about the cost of living in the area where the apartment is located. This enables you to determine whether your financial position is on par with the new area. You don’t want to move into a new apartment and have to relocate to a cheaper location shortly after.

  1. Safety
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How safe is the new neighborhood? You want to move into a place with a certain level of security to have peace of mind. Find out about the security situation in the new neighborhood before moving your family.  You can do a web search with the name of the area followed by “police”, “disturbance”, “crime”, “killings”, or “burglaries”.

  1. Schools
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If you have kids, then you want to find out if there are good schools in the area. Generally, more expensive areas tend to have better quality schools. Having a good school in the area reduces the cost of transporting your kids to school every day. Its also good for your kids if they go to school with other kids in the neighborhood. They will be able to make friends and adapt to the new environment faster.

  1. Amenities
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Apartment features vary widely even within the same neighborhood. For this reason, it is important to distinguish what you want from what you need. Have a list of all the amenities that are a must-have, and then have another for those that are nice-to-have. For example, if you have a dog, then you want an apartment that allows pets and won’t settle for anything less.

  1. Job Market
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Will you or your spouse need a new job after you have moved? If so, then you need to move to a place where there’s job availability. Some areas are better for job seekers than other with unemployment rates varying widely across states. You will also need to take your industry of interest into account before moving into the new apartment. Find out if there are jobs available in your area of interest to avoid going for too long without getting a job.

  1. Daily Commute
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You need to figure out how you will be getting to work every day. How is traffic in the area and how long does it take you to get to work every day? It the commute is too long or it becomes too much of a hustle to get to work, then you would be better off getting a more convenient location even if you think the apartment is perfect for you.

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