6 Details You Should Inspect in a New Loft

Moving into a loft is the perfect situation for a lot of people. If you crave open spaces, brick walls and high ceilings – lofts are for you.

But even if you think you’ll love living in a loft, there are some things you need to find out before you make your final decision. Here are six things you need to look at before moving into a loft.

1. Ask About The Energy Efficiency

A lot of people forget to inquire about the energy efficiency before moving into a loft. Due to their industrial style construction, lofts often lack energy efficiency. If you see lots of brick walls, large windows, and concrete floors, there’s a good chance you’re going to struggle to keep heat in your new home.

Ask if there have been any energy saving features implemented into the loft before making a decision. The other option is to prepare to have high utility costs.

2. Get Detailed Information On Any Associations That Your Loft Belongs To

Learning about the situation at your building is something to consider before moving in. You may not want to deal with the restrictions of living under a homeowners association. Many associations have limitations about what can and can’t happen at the loft that may impact your lifestyle.

The extra fees you pay to the association despite these restrictions is something to consider as well. Make sure you ask your realtor detailed questions about any regulations surrounding the loft.

Similar to a condominium association, you’ll likely have to sign a contract regarding the use-stipulations in your loft. If the information in the contract is difficult to understand, get your real estate agent or lawyer to break it down for you.

3. Find Out If You Can Make Changes To Your Loft

You’ll have to ask your real estate agent about your ability to make changes to the exterior of your loft. If renovations are an important part of your plans, this is a vital question. You may be restricted in what you can do in major repairs that involve moving bathrooms or kitchens.

4. Get Familiar With The Neighboorhood

Learning about your future neighboorhood is a good way to fully examine your decision. Even if your new place is nice, the environment may be a downer. Some lofts are located in areas that aren’t close to common amenities.

If walking is part of your lifestyle – this is something to consider. If you have children, lofts are also usually located away from schools and public transportation. These are all factors to consider before making your final decision.

5. Make Sure The Loft Is Complete

It’s not uncommon for companies to build lofts in phases. While your section may be complete, another one adjacent could be under active construction. Even if you don’t mind a little noise for a while, it’s important to find out when the construction is supposed to end.

Ask these questions to avoid a situation where delayed construction is affecting your life. Ask your real estate agent and the associate about the different development phases of your lofts, especially if it’s new.

6. Get An Inspection Done Before Moving In

Once you narrow down your options to one or two lofts, make sure you get an inspection. It’s important to have a specialist give the ok on your plumbing, heating and electricity systems. It’s not a bad idea to get someone to check the air conditioner as well. This can save you from dealing with problems after the purchase is finalized.

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