6 Emotional Signs You Might Need a Psychotherapist

Whether you are suffering from depression and anxiety, issues with personal growth, anger issues, divorce or family problems, or many other issues, seeing a registered psychotherapist can dramatically improve your quality and understanding of life.

Most human beings will face mental health troubles at some point in their lifetime, and it is increasingly helpful to have the help of a supportive, passionate professional who can offer the tools and skills to overcome such emotional problems and assist on the road to self-acceptance and recovery.

Here are some common reasons why one might reach out to a psychotherapist.

1. You’ve Suffered Trauma

If you have been through trauma in your life and are unable to stop thinking about it, it could be time to address the problem thoroughly. Whether it is the loss of a close family member, abuse in childhood, or experiencing a bad break-up, it’s common to think that you will “get over it” in time or the feelings will eventually go away.

However, this is often not the case. By dealing with your emotions in a professional setting, you can ensure your trauma will not cause any future detrimental effects on your mental health.

2. Substance Abuse

This not only involves drug use, but also alcohol and even food. If you are relying on a substance to help you through harder times, it may be a sign that you are developing an addiction or coping mechanism that is not good for your health.

Even if you are not yet using substances but may be thinking about drinking heavy amounts to improve your mental health, this is a tell-tale sign that you are desperate to numb the pain inside. Remember that numbing with substances or comfort eating is only a temporary fix, and the real way forward is through effective psychotherapy.

3. Apathy in Life

If you notice your work is not up to its usual standard or you are suddenly failing at sports or other hobbies, it may be a sign that your emotions are severely holding you back. Mental health issues can make you more forgetful and slow, meaning that your work and personal life will be affected sooner or later.

To protect yourself and ensure you can continue with your pace of life, get professional help to offset those worries.

4. Strained Relationships

It may be that you find yourself isolating yourself from loved ones or that you are argumentative and sensitive when around others, but either way, relationship problems may be stemming from your inner emotional state.

When you are battling with an internal issue, it’s common to take it out on those closest to you. Often, marriages, close friendships, and work relationships will suffer. During a crisis, you may not see clearly why these relationships are becoming so strained. Seeing a therapist can help make you aware of why these things are occurring in your life and enable you to overcome them, allowing for more fulfilled and supportive relationships.

5. You Simply Don’t Enjoy Life

This may sound like a simple and obvious statement; however, it’s very common that people stay in a sad and unhappy state expecting things might one day improve. Therapy can improve your quality of life. If, for any reason, you do not feel fulfilled, it’s well worth giving therapy a try.

6. Others Are Concerned

It’s often the case that before you even notice you’re struggling, a loved one will be aware and worried. It may be parents, a spouse, a friend, or a co-worker. If those close to you have noticed a difference in your behaviour, it could be a pointer that something more is going on inside and there are issues that need to be addressed.

We all face anger or sadness at some point in life, but you must consider how often this happens and how long it lasts. If you feel your life is becoming restricted because of negative thoughts, worries, or a general feeling of unease, seek professional help and improve your life.

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