6 Lovely Benefits of Living in a Furnished Apartment

Are you looking for somewhere to stay for the short-term? Typically, a short-term stay is considered a week or longer in the accommodation service industry. Hotels are likely the first option that comes to your mind when planning your travels. However, another option is staying in a furnished apartment. Below are six reasons to consider a furnished apartment instead of a traditional hotel.

1. Home away from home

Hotels have an ambiance to them that feels clinical and cagey due to their small size and limited amenities. For a few days, hotels are great because you will likely be on the go for the majority of your trip. Because of this, you will not feel the need to take advantage of additional services and amenities.

When away from home for a long period of time, you may feel homesick or miss the regular parts of your daily routine like cooking a meal for yourself or going to the gym. Furnished apartments are equipped with the components needed for everyday life and have a homey feeling to them which you can’t find at a hotel.

2. Lower cost

The cost of staying in a furnished apartment is much more affordable than staying in a hotel. Also, you will get “more bang for your buck” because of the additional services and amenities included in the cost. Hotels can get expensive in the long term because you will be paying for meals, parking and any other additional services on top of your accommodation fees.

3. More space

Hotel suites are designed to be very small to ensure that no space is wasted in the building and hotel owners can maximize the units available to rent out. Apartments are designed to be a comfortable living space since people will be living there for years at a time.

Furnished apartments are roughly double the size of a regular hotel room. As a result, furnished apartments are much more spacious which will make your stay more comfortable in the long term. If you are going to be staying with your family or group of people, space is important!

4. Additional services

Often hotels have limited additional activities included in the accommodation fee. This means that if you want to go to the gym, cook for yourself or any other activity that may be a part of your daily routine, it will cost more when staying in a hotel.

When staying in a furnished apartment, you will have access to the same amenities that anyone else living in the apartment would have access to. This includes pools, free and accessible parking, full kitchen, laundry, gyms, entertainment systems and wifi access. There are even options to have your pets stay with you!

5. Better location options

Hotels are usually located in convenient areas for travel purposes such as close to airports or in the downtown core of the region you’re visiting. These locations can be good for certain purposes like an overnight stay between flights or sightseeing.

However, if you prefer a local, quiet area, which is usually favourable for longer stays, furnished apartments are much better. Most furnished apartments are closer to entertainment, eateries and shopping centres. In addition, you will experience how a true local lives!

6. Options for the nature of your stay

Hotels do not diversify the accommodation services they provide, a hotel room is the same no matter what the purpose of your stay is. Furnished apartments offer different types of suites based on the nature of your stay. For example, there are options for corporate purposes (employee relocations or business travel), personal visits, short-term stays while you renovate your home and medical purposes.

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