6 Tips for Choosing the Best Summer Camp

Choosing the right summer camp for your kids can be a little difficult. Sorting out various camp types, fees, and locations can be overwhelming. Here are some important tips for making the selection process a lot easier.

1. Location

An important factor to consider when looking for the right summer camp for your kids is its proximity to your home. How far is the camp from your place of residence? A camp located only a few miles away can make a huge difference.

On your quest for finding a great summer camp, think about how easy it will be to drop off and pick up your kids. Also factor in any emergency drop-ins that might be required. All in all, location plays a key role in the selection process.

2. Kid’s Interest

Another piece to consider when looking for the right summer camp is your kid’s interest. Knowing this will make the process less stressful. This way, you can choose a summer camp that your kid will enjoy. If your kid is tech savvy, go for computer science camps. For those kids who are into sports, choose a camp with plenty of outdoor activities.

More importantly, talk with your child about the type of camp they would like to attend and if they’d be comfortable spending their time in a day camp or stay-away camp.

3. Safety

Do emergency personnel have easy access to the camp when the need arises? If you have kids with allergies or special needs, additional consideration should be put in place. In this case, it is important to choose a summer camp with a medical center or emergency care center nearby in the event of an emergency.

If your child is suffering from a chronic illness, then you know the importance of emergency medical care and attention. When it comes to choosing the right summer camp for your kids, safety should be your number-one priority. Check to see if the summer camp has onsite professional healthcare practitioners and therapists.

4. Ask for Discounts

Summer camps can sometimes be expensive, but there are ways to ease the pain on your bank account. For instance, prior to enrolling your child, consult the camp director and ask if they offer any discounts.

Many camps will give discounts if you’re bringing more than one child. For some, they enroll by the week so if your child will stay for a couple of weeks, you may qualify for discounts. All you have to do is ask. Likewise, if you can convince your neighbours to take their kids to the same camp as yours, you stand a chance of getting discounts.

5. Budget

Another important piece to consider is budget. Summer camps are not free of charge. Prices for each summer camps vary, and the cost depends on the extensiveness and quality of programs on offer.

Above all, it is important to choose a summer camp that meets your budget.

6. Size of the Camp

Group size in summer camp is very important as they can either positively or negatively impact your child’s experience. Do you prefer a camp with large groups of about 200 campers or would you rather go for small groups of no more than 40 campers? Sizes play a significant role in determining the safety and experience for all kids.

Remember to ask the size of the camp before signing up. If your child is more of an introvert and to some extent less social, then a small group of campers will be ideal.

As your child’s parent, you know just what’s best for your kids. Find a camp that matches your child’s interest. Make sure you conduct thorough research to determine how safe it is before enrolling your child in a summer camp.

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