6 Ways to Speed up Your Tummy Tuck Recovery

You walk in the morning, at lunch, and after dinner. You limit your portions, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and reject a serving of Boston Cream Cake. You have even cut down on your bad habits, like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

Since adding on the pounds over the years, it seems impossible to eliminate the fat. You feel hopeless, sad, and frustrated. But you shouldn’t because there is one other solution: Abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck is a procedure that makes the abdomen thinner and firmer. It is fast, affordable, and long lasting – that is, if you take good care of yourself.

Many overweight individuals want to go through with it, but they can’t because they fear the recovery process. If you do the right things, then you will only sit on the sidelines briefly. Here are six ways to speed up your tummy tuck recovery:

1. Follow Your Surgeon’s Advice

We oftentimes think that we know better than our doctor. Or, because we are too lazy, we generally don’t do what we’re supposed to do.

In other words, following a tummy tuck, it is imperative to follow your surgeon’s advice. If he is providing a list of tips to follow, then it is critical to make sure you abide by each and every recommendation. Whether it is specific food to eat (see below) or the medication to imbibe, you need to do it. Otherwise, your recovery time might be an extended by another couple of weeks.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

If you haven’t eaten an abundance of fruits and vegetables prior to your surgery, then it is time to start adding more spinach, carrots, apples, and oranges to your diet.

By consuming more vitamins on a daily basis, you can enhance the speed and quality of your recovery. The vitamins found in your diet are important to allow your body to heal itself. A nutritious diet can ensure that you are not sidelined for a long period of time.

3. Ditch the Bad Habits

Cigarettes, alcohol, recreational drugs. These are bad habits that you will be required to abandon throughout the tummy tuck procedure. Smoking and drinking will only impede the recovery process, so it is best to just ditch them – perhaps this is the start of foregoing them altogether!

4. Get Plenty of Rest

Rest? What’s that?

Indeed, rest can seem like a foreign concept, but this is something necessary for recovery. By getting eight to nine hours of sleep every night, plus maybe a couple of cat naps during the day, you can give your body the rest it needs to heal whatever ails you.

Moreover, we are recommending eight quality hours, not eight hours that consist of getting up to go to the bathroom, check your phone, or grab a snack. You need eight continuous hours of shutting your eyes and snoring.

Here is one tip: don’t look at your phone or computer two hours before you go to bed.

5. Use a Walker or Cane for Support

Because a tummy tuck applies tension and pressure on the horizontal closure, your abdominal muscles will tighten, creating a great deal of discomfort when you’re standing upright.

So, what’s the solution? Use a walker or a cane to support yourself.

By taking advantage of one of these tools, you can alleviate the tension and pressure of the back.

6. Don’t Sit for Too Long – But Don’t Exercise

Yes, during the initial recovery period, you will only want to sit down or lay down for the entire day. But this is the worst thing you can do for your body. Though it might be hard at first, you should try to stand up and walk around for a little bit rather than parking yourself on the sofa.

That said, you must refrain from exerting yourself too much. You can’t go to the gym, pick up heavy items, go for a jog, or walk for three hours in your city.

Simply put: don’t sit for too long, but don’t break a sweat.

No one will ever argue the fact that being overweight is glamorous, fun, and desirable. By adding and living with a few extra pounds, you impact your health, you make yourself unhappy, and you become embarrassed of your existence.

Unfortunately, no matter what you do, it seems impossible to shed the weight. This is why so many people choose liposuction. This appears to be the only way to lose the weight.

Thankfully, it is a lot more affordable to receive a tummy tuck than it was 20 years ago.

You just need to remember that the recovery process isn’t a walk in the park. It requires dedication, following instructions, and somewhat changing your life

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