8 Tips to Keep Your Office Recycling Bins Clean

If left unattended, office recycling bins can be messy, smelly, and unsightly. If the idea of flies buzzing around you in the office is off-putting, then you may want to keep those office recycling bins in your office clean at all times. This, however, requires a concerted effort that ranges from the actual washing of the bins to segregating waste to determine which type goes into what bin.

It’s important to make sure that your recycling bins and containers are regularly cleaned to keep away bugs and critters that are usually attracted by food residues.

To help you in the quest to keep the office recycling bins clean and odourless, the following suggestions should help:

1. Minimize waste that ends up in the trash bin.

The most effective method of keeping your bins clean is by minimizing or eliminating waste that goes into it. Don’t put waste into the recycling bin. Only recyclable products like cardboard, paper, and plastic should go in the bin. The rest, such as food, should be placed in the wastebasket or the green bin. Encourage employees to use the correct bins by making it clear what can and can’t be recycled.

2. Use recycling bin liners to keep the bin clean.

Use bin liners and make sure they are properly mounted to prevent spillage between the liner and the bin. Though recyclables should not be contained in plastic bags when they’re picked up, using bags or liners in your recycling bins can help keep them clean. Simply replace the liner when needed.

3. Keep your recycling bin lid shut at all times.

Besides keeping away flies and other insects, keeping the bin lid shut prevents dogs, cats, and wildlife from making a mess of recycling bins placed outdoors.

4. Keep your bins away from direct sunlight.

By keeping your outdoor recycling bin away from direct sunlight, the decomposition of waste accidentally included in with the recyclables is slowed down, keeping maggots at bay and reducing excessive odours.

5. Make sure your recycling bin is cleaned and deodorized regularly.

You can apply disinfectants or anti-bacterial cleaners to get rid of germs and smells. Also consider green cleaning products such as baking soda, a natural cleaner that is easily available.

However, if all this sounds a bit messy to you, or perhaps you don’t have the time, you may consider hiring a professional to do the cleaning for you.

6. Strategically place organic bins beside your waste recycling bin.

This makes it convenient for employees to dispose all food items into the organic bin. Ideally, such foods should be bagged before being dropped them into the organic bins.

7. Clean all the recyclables before dropping them into the bin.

You will be surprised how clean your recycling bin will be if you first rinse your recyclable waste and let it dry up before dropping it into the bin.

Any recyclable item should be thoroughly cleaned to remove residues before putting it into the office recycling bin. For instance, you should remove food remains from cans before putting them into the bin.

8. Apply baking soda at the base of the plastic recycling bin to help reduce odours.

Baking soda is very effective at eliminating or reducing excessive odours. You should, however, avoid using it in a metallic trash can since it would corrode it.

Recycling bins at the office are very important. However, there is nothing as embarrassing as having a smelly office just because the bins are dirty and unkempt.

Although there are a number of appropriate recycling bin designs that are ideally suited for the office, ensuring that all them are clean calls for the cooperation of all employees. At the end of the day, living in a clean, safe environment boils down to individual responsibility.

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