9 Interesting Facts About Goat’s Milk

It is true that cow’s milk is the most popular milk available, however, this does not mean that it is the most healthy. The popularity of cow’s milk has largely been driven by marketing campaigns with the goal of selling you on the idea that cow’s milk is essential in everyone’s diet.

Goat’s milk is an excellent alternative to cow’s milk it is packed full of nutrients and is digested much easier. There is a lot that many people don’t know about goat’s milk including just how good it is for you.

1. Goat’s milk tastes just like cow’s milk

You will probably not be able to notice the difference in the taste of goat’s milk versus cow’s milk. They taste almost identical. You will probably find it even more palatable as your body will be able to digest it easier.

2. Goat’s milk is safe

As goats are smaller than cow’s it is much easier for a farmer to keep them in fields and feed them with grass. They are incredibly clean creatures and produce nutrient-rich, creamy milk. Studies have shown that cow’s milk contains more bacteria than goats milk. This means that goat’s milk requires less processing.

3. Goat’s milk is better for the digestion

If you experience even slight discomfort after consuming cow’s milk, you may want to give goat’s milk a try. It is known that goats milk will cause less of a reaction in sensitive stomachs compared to cow’s milk. Don’t believe us? Give it a try yourself.

4. Goat’s milk is not expensive

On average goat’s milk does cost a little more than cow’s milk. You are paying a higher price for a better product. You should be able to find goat’s milk products anywhere, and once you start drinking goat’s milk you will find out fairly quickly that it is much more palatable.

5. Goat’s milk does not cause allergies

In actual fact, many children that have allergic or negative reactions to cow’s milk will not experience them when they drink goat’s milk. This is due to the fact that goat’s milk is much closer in makeup to human milk that cow’s milk is.

6. Goat’s milk has more calcium than cow’s milk

No really! Goat’s milk contains a significantly higher amount of all sorts of nutrients and vitamins as well as calcium compared to those found in cow’s milk.

7. Goat’s live a much more happy life than cows

As goats are not typically a part of the larger agriculture machine that has tight sales targets and production deadlines, goats are allowed to roam free and consume food the natural way. So not only is goat milk protein more delicious and nutrient-rich, it is also free from any chemicals or hormones that are introduced to cows so casually these days.

8. You can cook with goat’s milk

You can use goat milk for much more than just drinking, you can use it to make butter, cheers ice cream and pretty much anything that you would make with cow’s milk. Products that are made with goat’s milk are known for being extra creamy and often considered healthier as they cause less disruption as they are digested.

9. Goat’s milk is becoming more and more popular

The popularity of goats milk continues to soar. With many people making the switch and not looking back you could easily join them as they continue to drink milk but get many more nutrients and vitamins. Those making the switch are often families that want to make sure that their children are happy and healthy.

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